The poultry net has many uses, although it is mainly used to keep chickens caged for agricultural purposes. It is one of the most versatile materials that has many uses, whether for agricultural or domestic purposes. These tights can be used not only for chickens, but for many others poultry animals .

The reason it is so versatile is the capacity that it can serve as a barricade for small animals and is particularly useful for use in a vegetable garden, for example. Rabbits are famous for eating vegetables and not just carrots. The poultry net is the perfect material to use in this case, to  protect your crops .

It has a similar use to keep your animals in the garden for example. Once you’ve fenced your yard, animals, like dogs, won’t be able to go out and run outside. It has the advantage of keeping unwanted animals, such as other dogs or even foxes, away depending on where you live.

Poultry net surrounding a small growing tree
The poultry net is a good option because it is made of a very versatile material that can be used for domestic or agricultural use.

Securing your Garden

It is easy to install and because it is very flexible it can be manipulated to fit any line you would like to fence from. The basic steps to installing poultry nets around your garden are to first measure the perimeter you would like to fence and then you can purchase the required length from your nearest hardware store.

Dig holes for the posts you would need and once they have been filled in, you are now ready to install the wire mesh. First, use a single strand flexible cable that secures to the posts and pulls hard. It is best to have at least three strands, one strand at the top of the posts, one strand in the middle, and one strand at the bottom. When they are secure and tight, tie the poultry mesh to the threads with a thin, flexible wire. The tighter the fence, the more difficult it will be for animals to dig under the poultry mesh.

Garden with installed bird net
The advantage of the poultry net is that it can be used in landscaping to protect your plants and vegetables.


Gardening enthusiasts can safely use bird nets to grow vines, don’t be afraid to use bird nets if you want protect your plants and vegetables .Measure the length of poultry screen you need and divide the length so that the wire mesh is firm once installed and the wooden stakes are evenly spaced.

Drive the stakes into the ground with a hammer and the length of the stake should be the height of the poultry net.

Tie the poultry mesh to the stakes with string, making sure it is tight. Once all of this is done, the fence is ready to plant the vines.

Poultry nets for chickens
The most common use of the poultry net is to provide protection for chickens by building a chicken coop.

Building a chicken coop with birds nets

The main use of wire mesh is to make sure chickens are safe from predators and vagrants. It is not very difficult to install a chicken coop and only requires basic building materials.

You will need some posts to build the frame which should include covering the top with chicken mesh. Measure the size you would like the chicken coop to be and place the posts within that perimeter. Make sure the frame is well constructed and the posts are not too far apart so the chicken wire can be pulled and firmly secured

It is advisable to trench along the fence so that dogs and wild animals cannot dig underneath the poultry-netting. You can make the chicken coop to the standard height which you can buy from a hardware supplier made which is 4 foot or 6 foot. It is more humane to use the 6-foot height for the comfort of the chickens.

Poultry nets
To add extra support to the chicken net you must add a stick or a cement pole.

Poultry netting used as reinforcing material

In construction, the chicken mesh is commonly used as reinforcing if you would like to plaster a small item such as a pole with cement. The way to do it is to wrap the chicken mesh around the pole and depending on the thickness of the cement layer wrap one or two layers. After that is done plaster the pole and let the cement set.

Other uses

These are only some of the applications that poultry-netting can be used for but there many applications that it used in. It is a common material and most hardware mesh suppliers will stock poultry-netting. It is normally in rolls in the yard somewhere.

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