Economic Advantages of PVC Poultry Netting

If you have a poultry farm or you keep a small flock in the backyard garden, PVC poultry netting is the necessity you have to be permanently aware of. It is basically PVC coated galvanized chicken wire mesh which has multiple purposes in gardens and on farms. You can make any kind of yard fences, as well as support plants. It shows great efficiency in keeping birds and other animal pests away from your crops. The cages made of PVC poultry-netting will protect your asset from other animals, even pets.

PVC Poultry Netting
The advantage of chicken wire mesh is that it can be used both on farms and in gardens.

Outdoors Multiple Purpose of PVC Coated Wire

In agriculture, the chicken wire is the most used mesh. This is the first option when it comes to making a chicken coop. It`s affordable and users’ friendly. You don’t need a lot of energy and free time to customize it to the intended purpose. The wire has been usually manufactured from the quality galvanized steel. Protective green plastic coat provides better appearance and, what is more important; it minimizes the risk of your flock being injured. PVC poultry net does not only look great in your yard, it has the additional protective purpose. While your poultry is surrounded by the PVC netting, you can peacefully watch over it. The netting will prevent hawks and other predators from stealing the poultry. Chicken coops and chicken runs are facilities supposed to be built outdoors. PVC poultry-netting is long lasting and rust resistant. The plastic protects wire when it is exposed to over humidity or rainy weather. Therefore, it is also suitable for garden fencing and fruit cages beside chicken coops and runs.

Red poultry on an iron fence
In addition to giving your garden a good look, the PVC network prevents birds and animals from entering.

Beware Wild Animals if Surrounded by Such Environment

Choosing PVC poultry netting over some other kind of protection has many advantages. It adds to the appearance of your garden, it is long-lasting, and it successfully protects from most predators and pests. However, raccoons can make their way to your poultry. The wire hasn’t been strong enough to stop them. Living on a farm surrounded by woods or other natural environments requires certain precautions that are not obligatory in urban environments. Barrier fence restricts the access to wild animals. Every farm has the weak spots, and once they have been noticed it is the best to secure them with fence hard enough to stop deer or bears. Wild animals can do a lot of harm to your asset not only steal the poultry. They can make a material damage on the property, destroy constructions (chicken coops and runs) or ruin your vegetable garden.

Barrier fence installed in a garden
The advantage of the barrier fence is that it does not allow access to wild animals.

Simple Way of Protection with Additional Advantages

PVC netting is a simple way to keep your chickens safe from smaller pests. Birds and squirrels have been successfully repealed. Chicken wire is sharp. If it happens that the net has been damaged in some places, its edges can harm the birds if they approach the mesh. For that reason, PVC coating is highly recommended. It prevents any possibility for birds to get injured on sharp pieces. Compared to the standard galvanized mesh, it is a huge advantage. PVC coat is available in several colors. Most people choose green to match the dominant color of the garden. Strong and lasting PVC poultry-netting can be manufactured in different gauges, lengths, and heights. Depending on the purpose, one can choose the netting convenient for chicken runs and coops or for a wild animal fence.

Chicken Wire
Care must be taken not to damage the chicken wire as sharp edges can be created and can hurt chickens.

Protecting Your Pets, You Protect Other Animals and Property

Pets are permanent residents on the majority of farms and in backyard gardens. They are part of the family, and some of them, such as dogs, have their role in protecting the asset. Sometimes, dogs try to escape, and it is necessary to keep them in the confined areas with the help of plastic pet fence. Your personal needs, the size of your property, and the dog breed will determine the choice of the fence. Some breeds run after the flocks just for fun, and they can injure the birds unintentionally. Similar damage occurs if the dog snoops through the vegetable garden. The dog can get injured on trellises or stakes or it can squeeze the fruits. To protect vegetables and chickens, it is necessary to keep the dog in the confined area where it will have enough room to move freely. Plastic net is also the solution for balconies and gates. It can be combined with other kinds of fences.

Barrier installed on a iron fence
Care must be taken that pets do not injure themselves when trying to escape, they must be kept in a confined area.

Important Role of the Poultry Netting

The PVC coated chicken wire is useful whether you want to stop your flocks to attack your veggies or the flower beds or to prevent the predators from entering the area. It can be found in many colors and is easy to operate. Before installing it, you should collect information on what kinds of predators live in your surroundings. Only with the proper intelligence, you can be certain that the netting is predator proof. Not all of them can be repealed with the PVC coated wire. In any case, it is an economical option for chicken and other small animals. With no sharp edges, it excludes the risk for your birds of getting injured. Further advantages include corrosion resistance and the fact that this netting is non-toxic for animals as well as for the soil or plants. Farmers use it in chicken, rabbit and poultry breeding, or even in aquaculture. It`s available in many colors but green is among most favored.

To install the PVC poultry-netting you have to estimate the size of the area you want to confine. Although the material is affordable, there is no need to provide more than you will use. Be aware of the digging animals, such are foxes. They can get through your fence if it hasn’t been buried deep in the ground. 2 feet would do to protect the poultry. Cut the wire to the desired size and install it to completely meet the requirements.