Halloween Outdoor Decoration Out of the Chicken Wire

Holiday that Brings Fun and Challenge

When the fall comes, some people are looking forward to coming winter while the others are longing for summer. Halloween is an autumn holiday that brings a lot of fun to everyone. Trick-or-treaters are a traditional part of the celebration but what changes from year to year is the way how we prepare ourselves to greet them. This colorful holiday includes a range of different costumes and scaring objects that provoke creativity and innovation at every step. Chicken wire Halloween gains in popularity every year for its endless potential of creating objects that will look great in your yard while attracting the attention and scaring children at the same time.

Did you know that you can create the outdoor decoration all of the chicken wire with the minimum of investment? This material is affordable but it is not the only advantage. Great elasticity enables shaping with hands, and only some simple tools you already have are necessary to cut it to the desired size. With your family together, you can come up with a chicken wire Halloween project that will decorate your own yard in the whole new way. Dare to offer something unique and interesting that will scare the children and attract the attention of your neighbors. Ghosts are popular since forever, and they can be made in so many different ways that it is hard to find the similar ones.

Human figure of wire
With the chicken wire you can create decoration for the outdoor patio since it is very asquible besides that it is easy to mold by the elasticity.

Human-like Ghosts in Natural Size

Most popular chicken wire Halloween outdoor decoration is a human-size ghost that glows in the dark. Chicken wire reflects the light which adds to the spooky effect. You can choose to create ghosts of a different size, shape, and posture. If you count on the lighting effect, install them near the light source. Light can play a great role in creating the movement impression. Place the chicken wire ghost or a group of ghosts along the driveway, on the porch or patio. When the night comes, children will have to gather the courage to knock on your door. Glowing ghostly figures are bull’s eye! If you are equipped with the enthusiasm, little patience, and creativity provide yourself top quality chicken wire and get to work. Best of all, you do not need the step-by-step tutorial how to do it. It is simple and easy, and the improvisation on the place is what also counts as a part of your hidden skills.

For a human-like ghost, you will need two cylinders and one smaller part of the chicken wire. You can use your own body to shape the first cylinder that will represent waist and legs. The cylinder should stand on its own. To improve stability, try to make a bottom part of a bigger diameter. Create the upper part of the body from the second cylinder shape that is smaller than the former one. From the third part of the chicken wire, shape the head. You can use any round form as a help. At the end, weave the cylinders and the head to attach them. Simple chicken wire Halloween ghost has been made. Take a look from a distance to figure out the best posture for it.

Human silhoutte
The decoration that is most used in halloween is the ghost or the human figure that shine in the darkness because it gives a terrifying effect.

Ghost-like Sculptures

Not only ghosts are a part of chicken wire Halloween outdoor decoration. Chicken wire ghost dress is similar to a ghost but beheaded and therefore scarier. Options are many but most popular designs are long wire dresses sometimes covered with cheesecloth. These ghostly figures can hang from the trees or they can be colored with glow-in-the-dark paint. A lot of people like using sprays. However, not all sprays work with metal and they are mostly not eco-friendly.  For the same kind of effect, you can direct your porch light towards sculptures, and the natural reflection will produce the realistic effect. Ghostly figures can haunt your home not only for a holiday but also if you plan some Halloween themed party. Spooky spirit is always welcomed bringing a lot of fun, and if you have made a quality Halloween outdoor decoration you will be able to use it in some other occasions too.

A variety of ideas for chicken wire Halloween enable you to work on the project alone, with your family or friends. To sculpt the figures out of chicken wire is not at all complicated. It demands only a little bit of your time and patience, and the creativity will be ready to explode. If you are lucky to have trees in the yard, you can combine free-standing figures with the flying ones. Chicken wire is flexible and it can be bent in any shape. Ghost-like sculptures of chicken wire are lightweight, and they can be easily fixed to any object or surface. You can also use wedges to fix them on the lawn or some sturdy wire to hang them on the trees. Floating ghostly creatures across your yard will seem attractive and scary at the same time.

Ballet dancer
With the chicken wire you can also make dresses ghost is equal to a ghost but without a head or also dancers.

Before you provide the material spend some time in designing chicken wire Halloween outdoor decoration.  If you already have some ideas, you will probably know what kind of chicken wire you need. Larger projects demand strong 20 gauge steel wire with hex 1-inch openings. It is long lasting and heavy weather resistant mesh. On the other side, the 2-inch chicken wire is a bit less strong and easier to use. It could be an ideal choice for the flying ghost-like figures or other smaller structures.