Meet Different Types of Plants Climbing on Chicken Wire Trellis

If you need an effective method to grow more plants in a small place, making a chicken wire trellis is a perfect solution for you. The trellis is a structure built to support climbing plants. You will find a lot of trellises, depending on what plant you want to grow or what climate conditions you live in. You can grow grape, rose, ivy, cucumber, pea and other plants. Some plants wrap themselves around the netting, but others will need your help until they find a path.

Chicken wire installed in field
It must be taken into account that the trellis can support climbing plants and there is a different type of trellis for each type of plant.

Make Your Garden More Appealing and Bigger

Trellis, the brilliant structure was already used in the first century to grow vegetables. In our days’ people use it also to decorate their gardens with flowers. A trellis is great for creating a cozy space in the garden, and it is also useful when you want to hide a part of your garden. A useless corner will be transformed into your favorite spot with the help of a trellis and some climbing roses. You can find round, square, diamond-shaped trellises. Some designers make mirrored panels. These make your garden look bigger. If you are in a crafty mood, you can make your own chicken wire trellis. It is an excellent method to grow vegetables, fruits, and flowers. The only thing you need to provide is wire mesh and a structure. An old window may serve as the support. All kinds of chicken wire are available and affordable, and creating chicken wire trellis does not seem to be complicated. After installing a trellis, you need to plant vegetables at the base and wait. When they start to grow, you gently help them to weave upon the structure.

Chicken Wire
The method of chicken wire is good because you can grow vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Climbing Plants Are Easy to Handle on Trellis

We recommend you to use gloves when you work with chicken wire. If you are not focused enough, you can hurt yourself, because the end of the chicken wire is sharp. Before you start working with the wire, weigh it down to flatten it. It will be easier for you to handle it. Cucumber and peas are probably the most used around the world but not all vegetables climb in the same way. Basically, there are three categories. Some plants have tendrils, some are scramblers and others are twiners. This is why they need different types of supporting systems to grow. For example, cucumber, squash, potato, grape, pea, beans and tomatoes are the most used vegetables. They are all vining plants, but they have different styles of growing. To maximize the harvest, you should help them grow healthily. Cucumber, squash, and peas have tendrils. They use these tendrils to reach something they can climb on. If they have nothing around to go upwards, they will grow sideways. If you give the cucumber the support it needs, it will grow tall. With a chicken wire trellis, you will have fresh cucumbers in the summer and enough to put in the refrigerator. Cucumbers need a warm soil. If you plant it in a mound, the cucumber will spread across.

Chicken Wire Trellis
As a safety measure it is recommended to use gloves when working with the chicken wire as it could be cut by the sharp ends.

Keep Everything under Control

If you use a chicken wire trellis, you can control the spreading and it will be much easier to harvest cucumbers. For cucumber, you will need a stronger support, because these vegetables are full of water and they are heavier than beans. People grow and harvest cucumbers since ancient times. They noticed that if you leave cucumbers to spread on the ground, the harvest is reduced. They invented methods to grow them upwards. One of these growing upward methods is making a chicken wire trellis. The recommended cucumber trellis height is 5-6 feet. People who grow cucumber on trellis say that with the help of this system you can double your harvest. Cucumber trellis spacing is important because different types of cucumber need a different amount of space. Vining cucumbers need more space. Crowding them increases the risk of diseases.

Chicken trellis placed in a field
The chicken wire is a good option since it controls the propagation of the plant and it will be easier to harvest the fruits.

Twining and Scrambling Plants

Pole bean is growing and wrapping itself around anything that’s close. You can grow peas on any type of trellis. Just make it tall. The best chicken wire trellis for these plants is an A-frame. This is also excellent to support beans or vining flowers. Because of its form, these trellises can be stored easily during winter and reused year after year. Peas love to twine around the trellis. However, not only peas can be hung on these frames. Grapes love the exposure to the sun as well. Tomatoes and Sweet Potatoes are the perfect examples of these types of plants. If you don`t help these plants, they will scramble along the ground. An A-frame is a good support system for these plants. Squash can be trained easily to grow upwards. You can plant them at the same distance you would plant them if you left them on the ground. Squashes will produce tendrils to grip their support. Now you only need to feed and water them.

Chicken wire installed in chicken coop
The A-frame grating is good for plants because of its shape can be easily stored.

Make a Greenhouse

If you think that your backyard needs some improvement, you should make a greenhouse. For this magnificent structure, you only need some steel posts and chicken wire. It’s a perfect place for storage, easy to build and quite cheap as well. Think about how interesting your greenhouse will look full of red tomatoes. The best thing about chicken wire is that you can use it in many ways. For building a chicken wire trellis you can reuse the wire that previously served some other purpose. Those who use a wire can enumerate many reasons why to use it as a trellis. Chicken wire is inexpensive, it helps you use up the space in the garden better, your fruits will be fresher, cleaner, and obviously, much healthier. The productivity will increase which is especially important for the plants that are ripening throughout the season.