Chicken Wire Ideas for the Whole Year

People always search new ideas to decorate their home. One of the most satisfying decorations can be obtained by using chicken wire. You can find many chicken wire ideas on the internet and in only one weekend you can change your house`s look. Chicken wire is versatile, it can be used to make fences, animal cages, poultry nests, and even to decorate your garden with a dress in spring/summer, a ghost for Halloween and Christmas tree for Christmas, and the list goes on.

Chicken Wire for a Special Garden

The chicken wire ideas lead to the quality decoration that is not expensive. You only need to buy chicken wire, scissors, and gloves to protect your hands. If you can`t decide which wire to buy, you can ask the employees for help. They will redirect you to the right type of wire and the best gloves. To make a chicken wire dress takes only a few hours. If it is your first project, it may take longer, but with patience, the result will be great, and your kids will be thrilled. 

Chicken wire lamp screen
Chicken wire is not only used to make animal cages, it is also used to decorate your house or garden, even nesting for birds.

How to Do It?

You only need to respect a few steps to create a stunning decoration. First, you have to measure the chicken wire for the figure, and after you have to cut it out. Roll the piece and twist the free wires to remain in that position. Now you have to create the body from the cylinder. With some triangular pieces, you can form the skirt. After you form the skirt, you attach it to the body. If you spray it with a special glow-in-the-dark spray, your dress will glow all night.

Chicken Wire for Christmas

If you choose to dress the wire dress statue, it will look less like a ghost statue. Putting her in a dreary corner has a fantastic effect. Everything becomes very elegant and cheered up. Another chicken wire idea is to make a Christmas tree dress. This magnificent project uses trimmings of an evergreen conifer to cover the foundation of chicken wire. The decoration will last a few weeks in the house. The frame can be stored with the other Christmas decorations and reused next year. 

Chicken wire cage covering plant
In addition to creating dresses that look like ghosts with chicken wire another idea is to make a dress but in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Hang the Ghost

One of the widely used chicken wire ideas is a chicken wire ghost in the garden. This idea is easy to realize, looks marvelous during Halloween, and your visitors will be amazed. With the special glow that you get with the night spray, your neighbors will feel like they are haunted all night. You make the form in the same way as the dress. To make the ghost`s head you need a head form or a human head size ball. You will probably have to hang the ghost or attach it to a nearby tree to stand upright.  

Chicken Wire in the Big City

You don`t have to live in a big house with a large garden to make decorations from a wire. Chicken wire can be used by people who live in an apartment. They can get inspired by chicken wire frame ideas. A frame can be small, and fits on every wall, every corner of your house. You probably never taught of filling in old picture frames with chicken wire. However, chicken wire and old picture frames are the perfect combinations to create some unique decorations. 

Heart of chicken wire in garden
The advantage of creating decorations with chicken wire is that it is not necessary to live in a large house an idea would be a framework for hanging photos.

Brilliant Solutions for Craft Supplies

Chicken wire is perfect to attach things on it. If you fix it into a frame, you can play with pictures and other decorations to make a wonderful decoration. Or, the same chicken wire fixed on a frame can be a brilliant place to store DIY objects. A framed chicken wire is perfect to hang on tools or other supplies. You can start each season organized, with every tool at its place. It is also perfect to hang postcards, invitations etc. Your fridge will be grateful. 

Ideas for Your Home

We can find a lot of chicken wire ideas to make our house special. For example, if you prefer a rustic kitchen, you can make a fruit or vegetable holder. You can place the holder near your working place to have your vegetables near you when you need them. With chicken wire anything is possible. You can even make a candle lantern. If you cover a jar with chicken wire, you fill the jar with stones and place a candle on top of it, you obtain a great decorative object.

chicken wire
In addition to creating frames for hanging pictures, framed chicken wire can also be hung with post tools and invitations or reminders in the refrigerator.

Chicken Wire Makes Anything Possible 

You are not an inspired person but you would like to refresh your house? No problem. We have some great chicken wire ideas for you. For example, you can do a floral decoration. You only need flowers and chicken wire and your wall or door decoration are ready. If you don`t like flowers hanging on the wall, you can craft a flower wire basket. Chicken wire transforms flower pots in a special object. Your house will look like you have asked a decorator to make something special for you. 

Chicken Wire Animals

Although chicken wire is used especially for cages or constructions, it is still perfect to create a basket from it. Parents can use chicken wire ideas in their kid`s room, or in the kitchen. If you are searching for some chicken wire idea to craft with kids, we found the perfect idea for you. Create an animal for your yard. Children will love the crafting, the time spent with you, and the result. You can craft a butterfly, a dog or a chicken. 

Heart-shaped chicken wire frame
The chicken wire adapts to everything you can create decorations with flowers baskets for fruits or flowers and also pots for plants.

Chicken Wire for Valentine`s Day

How often do you change the decoration in your house? Most people have the same decorations for more than two years. If you are one of them, it is time to breathe new life into your home. Especially if Valentine`s day is close, know that chicken wire ideas work for that holiday too. You can craft something unique without spending a fortune, like a decorative heart. You can fill it with pine cones or decorative stones and your home will look cozy and warm. For a more romantic look, you can fill it with crystals and red twinkle lights.