Chicken Wire Christmas Tree; ExpressYour own Creativity  

Chicken Wire Christmas Tree; Express Your own Creativity  

Unique Solution Instead of the Traditional Christmas Tree

chickens in protected by chicken wire
The chicken wire net is a resistant net for provide protection to your chickens.

Let us be ready for the holiday season upon us, and think on time what could we do to avoid all the hectic. Christmas tree is a symbol of the holiday but if you are about to have enough of watering, cleaning, and let alone searching through the market for the right shape and size, you might need some unique solution. Chicken-wire Christmas tree is an idea that will spare you time, money, and effort. In only a few hours, you can have what you were looking for, and what is also important, you will enjoy making something without a complicated instruction. As it is multifunctional, you can store it and only change a decoration for some other upcoming holiday. This simple concept offers a variety of ideas, and all you need to start is a top quality chicken wire. It guarantees a solid construction that will obtain its final appearance after having been enriched with lights and backgrounds.

Size Depends on Place, Stability on Edges

chicken wire net installed for protect chickens
The chicken wire has a great elasticity and very resistant, being a great option for protection of the trees.

Chicken Wire Christmas Tree; Express Your own Creativity  Before you start working on your new and unique Christmas tree, you should think of two important things – size and place. Chicken-wire Christmas tree can be placed in the corner or in the middle of the living room or it can occupy the table as a central decoration. For the trees of any size, you just need to adjust the measurements. The best is if you shape a cone from the bent square of chicken wire. The original edge of the chicken wire will be straight but the other you will have to cut. This edge you should treat after cutting with some fine wire. Pay your attention to bottom edges. They have to be flat enough to enable your tree to stand firmly on any surface. Even if your intention is to place chicken-wire Christmas tree outside in the courtyard. Chicken wire has a great elasticity and it bends easily. You can fold bottom edges all way around towards the inside without effort. What about a few wires on the top? You can cut them off, curve or you can twist them and use as a support for a tree topper. Handle the edges and remaining wires with care, and you can preserve and store your unique metal Christmas tree for the years to come and many other holidays.

Christmas Décor with Personal Touch

chicken net used for taking care hens
You can combinated the chiken wire net and the christmas trees for get a beautiful tree.

After the tree has been shaped, it is up to you how you will use it. Many chicken wire craft ideas can be combined with the chicken-wire Christmas tree. You can leave it plain, paint it or light it up. Holiday card display of the chicken wire is an excellent idea for the exhibition of cards and photos if you don’t want to put them on the tree. Chicken wire may be beautifully included in Christmas décor that meets your personal style. Not less important, it is simple to make. Jar lids framed with chicken wire are the basic Christmas ornaments you can decorate according to your wishes. Use acorns, pinecones or bells to create real winter atmosphere on your tree. The possibilities are endless. If you have left a few wires on the top, use them as a support for hand-made treetop star. The whole decoration of chicken-wire Christmas tree can be made in short time with simple tools. Only the good will and your personal creativity are a must. Don’t forget Christmas wreaths of chicken wire. You can put them at the entrance of your home or somewhere inside. Whatever place you chose, they will simply add to the holiday atmosphere.

Winter Identity of Your Courtyard

chicken plastic net protecting hens
The chiken wire net can helps to decorate your garden and house for a get a beautiful christmas party.

Chicken-wire Christmas tree can be placed outside your home too. If you enjoyed summer grill with your friends or the members of your family in the courtyard, you should think to build your courtyard winter identity too. There is no better opportunity to have fun and enjoy the holiday than Christmas time. One thing you must not forget! Pin the tree to the ground. Don’t let heavy winter wind destroy your effort. The enlightened Christmas tree will look great with the dark night in the background, and if you spill lighted chicken-wire Christmas balls all around the courtyard, you will achieve to have the perfect scenery for the themed Christmas party. Here we are not even close to exhausting the mine of ideas for Christmas decoration. Do you also feel like something was missing? Of course, Santa Claus! The quality chicken wire is the best material for sculpting a wide range of shapes. Try to make chicken wire paper mache sculpture of Santa Claus since nothing will bring more joy to children and adult children than him. Chicken wire is easy to work with, and it won’t be a problem to form the body in natural size. Then put mache paper over chicken wire to achieve the volume. Little paint on the face won’t be bad at all.

Chicken-wire Christmas tree is a unique solution for many reasons. You don’t have to clean anything and you can store it for some other holiday like Valentine’s Day or the future Christmases. You don’t have to think in advance where to plant the tree after the holiday has passed and make worries if it will continue to grow. You just have to make some space in the basement or the garage. The best is that you can use this opportunity to express your personal affection and creativity. Industrial Christmas decoration is wonderful but maybe it is a bit out of fashion. It is a high time to try something new and different for the joy and pleasure of your family and friends. Actually, everyone can contribute and make something of chicken wire for the favored holiday, and what accords with Christmas better than togetherness and love.

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