Chicken Tractor – A Best Friend for Your Garden!

People who love gardening and are also equally fond of raising chickens, have a conflicting thought when it comes to thinking about introducing chickens into their backyard. While on the one hand chickens are helpful, as they poop, peck, and nourish the garden soil, the flip side of having them roam about free, is that they are quite capable of creating havoc for your plants. A viable solution to this conflict of yours is to opt for a chicken tractor!

Chicken Tractor
Chicken tractor easy to transport providing protection to the chicken coop.

A chicken-tractor is another variant of bird netting or poultry netting with the difference that it comes with wheels. This mobile coop comes with skids and a couple of other accessories which makes it easier to move the cart around. A chicken-tractor isn’t built with floors. So it has the advantage of providing the chickens with free access to fresh ground while being moved around.

Chicken-tractors come in various shapes and sizes.  So, irrespective of the number of these feathered friends that you may have, you will always manage to find a chicken-tractor in the market that fits your requirement.

Benefits of Chicken Tractor

While there are certainly various benefits of having a chicken-tractor, but you can have your stationary coops and they still are great chicken houses. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of having a chicken tractor.

  • You have the advantage of keeping the coop in a smaller area.
  • A chicken-tractor has all the other features of an ordinary coop such as nesting boxes, perches and the like.
  • Another biggest advantage of having a chicken-tractor is that it can help to fertilize your yard. Since the chicken tractor does not have a floor, you can move it around in your yard to fertilize different patches.
  • When you move the chicken-tractor around, it provides your chickens with access to insects and fresh grass.
  • When you move your chicken-tractor to a fresh patch, the grass underneath the coop gets time to re-grow and recover. So there won’t be any bare patches that you would be left with.
  • To avoid having bare patches, all you need to do is to move your chicken-tractor every two to three days.
  • Your chickens can also have the luxury of catching the sunlight while being safe inside the enclosure.
  • It also allows the hens to build their own nest from the materials in the ground. However, it is still best to have the nesting box inside the chicken-tractor.
  • You won’t have to constantly change their bedding, as you can simply move your chicken tractor to a new patch of grass.
  • You can also turn your chicken tractors to stationary coops quite easily by just not moving them around anymore.

    Cluck House
    Cluck house and the chicken coops Taj Mahal an improved version of the chicken tractors.

Some of the popular chicken-tractors include the Cluck House and the Taj Mahal coops. Since these coops are pre-fitted with wheels, you can easily wheel the coops around in your yard. There are multiple benefits of having a chicken tractor. You get to enjoy the benefits of what your chickens contribute to the environment. Also, your chickens get access to a variety of insects and worms and fresh grass to indulge in.

Wonders of Chicken Poop

Chicken tractor with wheels
The chicken poop can be used as a compost in the garden.

Chicken poop can indeed work wonders for your garden! Since chicken poop is quite high in nitrogen, it helps your garden to thrive well. But since you can’t have them let loose in your garden, it is best if they do their business on the soil from within the chicken-tractor. As you move or re-position the chicken-tractor, you can scoop the manure from that area and add it to your compost. One of the biggest investments that you can think of making in terms of your garden is to have nutrient rich healthy soil. So to have a nutrient rich soil, all you need to do is to have is a chicken-tractor and some chickens to do their business every day.

It’s Important to Move Your Chicken Tractor All Over Your Yard

One of the flip sides of having a chicken tractor is that it can create bare patches over your yard, if you are not careful. You may soon have a garden with crop circle like clearings. You can easily prevent his by just ensuring that you regularly move your chicken-tractor around in your yard. If you do not do this, your chicken tractor will eventually sink into the ground and your chickens will them strip the grass of all the nutrients. This will make the earth in your yard bland and desolate. There is no need to worry though! If you have a good chicken tractor and you move it regularly, you won’t encounter such issues. By following this very simple tip, you can see your backyard garden in great shape with happy chickens.

Say Goodbye to the Menace Caused by Insect Pests

Chicken tractor with chickens
The chicken tractor must be moved regularly to avoid the accumulation of insects.

Various insects such as grasshoppers, fleas, ants, roaches, and ticks can actually be quite a nuisance not only for your home, but also for your garden. But if you move around your chicken-tractor regularly, all these nasty bugs will soon be a thing of the past! Chickens as you know, love devouring these bugs. They are an important source of protein and they also provide a tasty treat to your chickens along with their regular feed, grass, and water.

By having a chicken-tractor, you will have the power to harness the benefits of chicken poop and also convert your garden into a lavish and lush green paradise that would be a treat to your eyes! Also, it is reasonable enough an investment not to burn a hole in your pocket! So what are you waiting for?

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