Chicken Wire Ghost Dress – Creepy and Pretty

Scary Ghosts Like Creatures

Halloween is one of the favorite holidays of the year. Its origin dates back to Celtic and early Christian times but the celebration of the holiday in the modern meaning begun in the early 20th century. Most people are looking forward to celebrating it, especially the children. For adults, it is one challenging occasion more to decorate their homes and yards. Chicken wire ghost dress gains in popularity for its endless potential. Ghosts are the main compartment of the holiday, and you can have one, a couple of them or the whole assembly right on the lawn in front of your door or on the end of the driveway. This outdoor Halloween decoration provokes your own creativity. All you have to invest is little time and effort, and a chicken wire. Chicken wire texture is available in many varieties. To create human size chicken wire ghost dress, choose between different sizes and shapes of the holes. The transparency of the chicken wire will always be a bonus factor that will add to a feeling of bare presence. You can count on the spooky effect. If you decide to create more than one ghost dress, they can all be of different size and posture. The impression of the movement is not at all hard to achieve, especially if you add some light. The reflection of the objects is inspiring pretty, and not less scary.

Chicken Wire Ghost Dress
With the chicken net can create ghosts that the only thing you invest is a little effort and time the only limit is your creativity.

Make It a Family Project

Sometimes we all feel like having enough of decorating. It seems that holidays alternate so fast that we do not have much time to change something even if we want to. If you share the feeling, it is about the right time to come to your family with a new, simple, and inspiring idea. You bat that each family member would like to be a part of the chicken wire Halloween family project. Since the early childhood, kids like hearing ghost stories, they tell them in the school or they make up their own. At least once, every child has ‘seen’ the ghost. This is how we in early years become familiar with ghosts. Who could resist not having a unique chicken wire ghost dress in the yard? To create one is not complicated at all and it makes a lot of fun. While making your own Halloween decorations you are writing a new ghost story that your children are going to tell their friends in the school. Kids love to be scared, and they love to scare others. Chicken wire ghost dress will grab the attention of the neighbors from the street. It is not excluded that you will gain a local celebrity status for ghost-like creatures. Do not doubt your sculpting skills. Whether you already have some experience with chicken wire Christmas decorations or not, this is the material you are going to love.

Wire maiden
The good point is that you can organize with your family to create the best Halloween decoration with chicken wire.

Work Easily with Top Quality Material

Chicken wire is an inexpensive material with a lot of qualities. It is light but sturdy, and easy to model. Thinking about what kind of a robe would be the best choice for chicken wire ghost dress, you can search for your inspiration among wedding gowns, dresses for special evening occasions or you can make your own design. Ghosts are usually floating over the surface and their clothing is long. Provide enough chicken wire to create a nice long dress in multi-layers. A dress will be more stable in this way. Use stainless steel 1-inch or 2-inches cells chicken wire. It is rust resistant and durable, and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor decorations. Silver color will remain intact over years, and the transparency of the wire will have the same glowing effect. Lack of the experience should not scare you since the chicken wire is one of the easiest materials to work with that does not require special tools. You probably have all you need including protective gloves. Simple wire cutters are suitable for any type of chicken wire and with pliers, you can bend the sharp edges. Chicken wire is flexible. The great elasticity enables easy modeling even in the human-size. After you have chosen the preferred shape of a ghost dress, we recommend you to invest some effort in creating the illusion of a movement.

Bride ghost wire
The advantages of chicken wire are that it is too easy to mold, light and resistant.

Your House Gets Haunted

As soon as you place chicken wire ghost dress on a lawn or beside a driveway, your house gets haunted. You can show all of your creativity while making the movement illusion. How about a line of ghosts leaning over the driveway on both sides? For whoever approaches your house especially in the evening that must be an awesome experience. Long ghost dresses with slumbering empty sleeves look creepy. You can arrange ghost dresses in many different ways that are equally effective. If you have seen some scenery that you liked, use it as inspiration and add something new and original. Ghost dresses can fly from the trees or be standing on a porch or patio to greet trick-or-treaters. You can cover them partially with a cheesecloth to achieve the animated 3D effect. Keep one inside your home to be the first who will open the door, with a little help of yours. If you decide to create a group of chicken wire ghost dresses, make them of different size and shapes. Each of them will be a unique piece. Halloween brings a lot of joy especially to children but no one can deny that adults enjoy it as well.

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