Chicken Wire Art Challenge 

Role Models for Creating Amazing Sculptures 

In everyday life, you are occasionally passing by some chicken wire art creation, asking yourself how something so beautiful and extraordinary can be made by using the material as common and rusty as chicken wire. Chicken wire “Baboons” and “Lion” by Kendra Haste look so lively caught in a movement, seating, and standing at the Tower of London just as they were in their own natural environment. Using multiple layers of chicken wire, she shaped animal muscles in an original way, giving them an anthropomorphic look. Natural life is the inspiration for many artists, and one of them is Ivan Lovatt. Hexagonal shapes of chicken wire provide a good structural integrity what Ivan use to create super large, realistic sculptures, like his majestic bird of prey.  Human-sized, soft and gentle shaped fairies known as “Mother Spirit” or “Woodland Spirit” by wire sculptor Derek Kinzett will surely catch your eye. He gently twists and models tough chicken wire to show every curve of the body. Lighting techniques give the chicken wire art a special magic. Cedric Le Borgne, the Parisian artist, shows how delicate can be chicken wire. His “Leas Voyageurs”, human figures are shaped in only one layer of chicken wire. Delicately illuminated, they represent daily life from different, unusual point of view. For the common people, chicken wire art can look inaccessible. Keep in mind that behind the affirmative artist are years of practice, smaller or bigger mistakes, and determination that always lead to success. Chicken wire is easy for shaping and it’s a challenge for everyone who wants to be creative and make some unique piece on his own.

Chicken Wire Art
With the chicken wire you can create large sculptures that can be decorations for gardens such as this cow.

Get Introduced to Work Material

Chicken wire mesh comes in big rolls and various gauges -from 19 gauges to 22 gauges. That enables a huge number of different and attractive ways to use it. The hexagonal chicken wire pattern looks like an urban geometric ornament. Cellular shapes shift periodically bringing a firm configuration of the mesh. This is the best for structural integrity of sculptures having been placed outdoor. The diameter of the hexagonal openings might also be different. For artistic purposes, the lightweight mesh with 13 mm hole requires minimal skills, and it is very easy for manipulation. For creating larger sculptures, chicken wire is a wise choice. Using a galvanized steel guarantees that your chicken wire art will be protected from rusting. If you have decided to fence your garden to protect it from birds or you are making fruit cages, some chicken wire left can encourage you to step into the adventure of making special, unique pieces of chicken wire art.

Wire dog
The advantages of using chicken wire for decoration is its flexibility allows a large number of ways to use it.

The Idea is the Most Important

Put your idea on the paper by sketching your desired shape. Most sculptures are modeled in 3D but sometimes it is difficult to judge if the poses you draw will work in 3D. Choose some seating poses for your chicken wire art sculpture instead of standing or flying poses which need some extra skills, mostly at the end when you must achieve the proper balance to install your sculpture in the garden. Always keep in mind that a large sculpture is heavy and hard for manipulation, and if you are a beginner, it is wise to make something smaller. You do not need some extraordinary tools. Pliers, cutters and protective no-cut gloves you can find in every household. If this is your first time to work with chicken wire, wear closed-toe shoes and long sleeves to protect yourself from pocking and scratching. Make the skeleton of your sculpture using mild steel round rod or rebar tie wire to provide inner support. Now you can bend, twist and wrap chicken wire around the rod achieving the desired results from all angles. Chicken wire might be tough but don’t give up and keep going with creating your personal masterpiece.

WW1 soldier lamenting
The only limit is your creativity can draw on a sheet of paper the sculpture you want such as this soldier of the First World War.

Small House Details as Artistic Achievement

If you are dealing with chicken wire for the first time and you don’t have enough self-confidence to start with modeling a sculpture for the garden, you can consider making something smaller. Also, you can enter the world of chicken wire art by creating decorative, useful pieces for your home. Chicken wire craft ideas give endless possibilities for a new inner decoration. Spruce up your home with chicken wire lampshade, fruit basket, picture frame or candle lantern. In the garage or basement, you have some old picture frame for sure; refresh it with new color and staple chicken wire on the back of the frame. Using a little skill and material you’ve got a dream board where you can keep important papers and messages or you may attach some floral decoration on it, and create a lovely rustic vignette for your wall. The smallest detail in your home may have a great personal value, especially if you create it on your own. Candle lanterns are decorative details for the house or porch. Wrap the piece of chicken wire tightly around the old jar, and twist the wire ends to close it. As soon as you put the candle in it, a nice game of brightness will make a completely different atmosphere. It is easy to incorporate a chicken wire art into your home decor, especially if you want to remake old things giving them a new life and artistic form. Chicken wire consolidates modern, industrial, rustic style and for that reason, it fits in any style of space. It is affordable and easy for work material. Release creative thinking and master a range of techniques that will allow you to get introduced to chicken wire art as the expression of endless possibilities.

Soldier of the first world war of wire
Chicken wire sculptures can be placed wherever you like, such as in gardens, parks and even cemeteries, like this sculpture of a soldier honoring his fallen companions.

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