Artistic and Skilful Challenge in Creating Chicken Wire Dress

Holiday Mood Gives an Extra Creative Energy

A garden decoration may be a huge fun mostly if the Halloween knocks on the door. Chicken wire dress sculptures colored with the glow in the dark spray provides a ghostly look of your yard. If you want to add more of a spooky essence to your garden, you can hang it on a tree and it will sway slightly in the breeze. Really scary! Winter season holidays guarantee a lot of joy but it is always a challenge to make some in-house decoration. Chicken wire dress will match your creativity if you decorate it and transform into a Christmas tree. It will give a new unique and elegant look of your home. On the other side, it can be used as a mannequin no matter if you need it as a handy tool for home or commercial tailoring. Professional adjustable dress forms cost a lot, and you can save money by making it from the chicken wire by yourself.

Ballet ballerina wire
The sculptures with wire of chicken more used are the dancers or the dresses of wire.

Let’s Be Skillful and Creative!

Chicken wire dress is an enchanted detail in the garden during all seasons. You can make something that will catch the eye of passers-by, and you will be proud of it for sure. Chicken wire is inexpensive material and a necessary tool that is common in every household. Use rust resistant chicken wire with 1-inch or 2-inches cells. Make sure that you have enough wire if you chose to create a Christmas tree dress with a long gown that looks like Victorian Countess evening dress. Of course, never forget to use protective gloves because the wire could be a little bit stiff and sturdy. First, you can make a mannequin using your body as a mold or shape it with your hands. Cut a piece of chicken wire and form it into a cylinder. Seam up the sides and twist the ends to secure them. At the same time, you will minimize sharp points. Now you squeeze and crush it into a body shape. Using a black and brown color spray you will give it a vintage and rusty look, and it can be a nice detail in some corner of your house. Use it to hang jewelry or some piece of the clothes.

Wire Maiden
Chicken wire is the most used material to create the wire dress.

Create the Piece with a Help of Your Body as a Mold

If you choose to make a chicken wire dress in a form of your own size you may use your body as a mold. Cut the chicken wire in the same measures as yours from the shoulders to the knees. Cover the ends of the wire with duct tape to keep it from poking and scratching yourself. Cut the hole in the middle, big enough that your head can pass easily. Wear it like a poncho and shape it over your body but not too tight so you can easily take it off without damaging the shape. In the end, hook the ends together with pliers and if you are not satisfied, you can add smaller pieces of chicken wire to reshape some parts. On this chicken wire dress, you can’t put something heavy because it will press the wire out of shape. You can combine it with chicken wire paper mache to reduce the chance to be crushed. Paper mache is not complicated technique and doesn’t need a lot of materials. Cut 2-inches strips from a newspaper, kitchen towel or a tissue paper and use them, one by one, firstly sinking them into the paste made of flour or glue and then applying them on a body shaped chicken wire armature. When you cover chicken wire armature with strips from the top to the bottom left it to dry completely.  It is a great base for attaching a long gown skirt made of chicken wire for dress formed Christmas tree. Wrap tightly chicken wire around the center of the mannequin you made earlier, leaving the wire skirt to hit the floor. Twist the ends together where both sides of wire are meeting. You can use evergreen branches or the garland to cover the skirt of Christmas chicken wire dress. Now you and your family can enjoy in hanging Christmas decorations on the unique and incredible Christmas tree.

Chicken Wire Dress
When creating the wire dress you should not place a heavy object as it would press the wire and lose shape.

Boo! Scary Ghosts Floating Around

Following the same pattern, you can create a glamorous chicken wire ghost. Body shaped chicken wire dress has a lot of possibilities that challenge your inspiration to turn your yard into a spooky and enchanted landscape. Chicken wire is a flexible material easy for shaping human-size figure and suitable to be combined with other materials. You have endless possibilities to give your sculpture extra spooky effects. Color it with a glowing in the dark spray, and they will spook your neighbors throughout the Halloween night. If you choose to attach some white clothe or dress on the ghost’s torso and to hang it on a tree to float freely, looking like an ancient ghost, you will have a bunch of ghost hunters knocking on your door. It is interesting to use tomato cages colored in black as the base of your creepy chicken wire dress figures. If you have a possibility to add some sort of light nearby, your whole garden will be hunted with ghosts. No matter if it is a holiday season or a hot summer creative period, craft work with chicken wire will gather your entire family. Your creation can last for years and serve different purposes but it will always treasure some memories about their origin and remind you of a special time spent with your family.

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