Home Accessories Show Chicken Wire Craft Ideas at their Best

New Rustic Look for Home Décor

A lot of common things have many extra purposes; one of them is chicken wire. It is not intended just to keep our domestic animals safe from different kinds of danger but it could also complement your home with the modern and stylish look. If you decide to re-decorate your home or garden this spring and your budget is limited, chicken wire craft ideas are the perfect match for you. Chicken wire comes in huge rolls which offer a lot of opportunities and variations in a self-crafted artwork. Easy to use, it guarantees joy to everyone in the household in creating desired shapes. Some simple tools like wire cutters, scissors, and work gloves are must have for making huge garden sculptures or small chicken wire fruit baskets. At the same time, furniture details, like cabinet doors, can be covered with the chicken wire. That will give your home a new chic look. The chicken wire can be combined with a lot of different flexible materials like paper or wood. Chicken wire craft ideas will breathe new life into your home.

Chicken wire ideas
Chicken wire is not only designed to protect chickens and small animals from any type of danger, it is also used as a decoration for the home.

Big or Small Vintage House Details

Chicken wire craft ideas enable you to transform a decoration of your home into the rustic, farmhouse look. When you start working on chicken wire ideas, keep your vision in mind, no matter if you create a big sculpture or small house details. One of the most common and useful detail in every corner of the house is multifunctional chicken wire basket for flowers, fruits or many other things. The form could be different from the cylinder, lamp-shaped or rounded. You will need a smaller part of the chicken wire and a mold for shaping it. Old jar or ball could be used as a mold or you can shape it by your hands. Use protective gloves obligatory. After the finishing, hide the edges of the wire. In this way, you will prevent possible injury to your hands. 

Rooster made of wire
One of the most used decorations of chicken wire is the rustic look for a house in the country.

If you intend to renew your home in the chic style, you can try to build chandelier or a new rustic lampshade. Old antique lamp from basement or garage is waiting to be transformed with a help of chicken wire craft ideas. Remove the fabric or lining from an old lampshade and leave only a frame. Cut smaller pieces of chicken wire to work easier. Wrap pieces of wire around the frame and use the pliers for shaping and hiding the edges. The final product can be always given a little final touch, such as a small detail like a flower or glowing pearls. 

Wire decoration for lamp
With the chicken wire you can build a new screen for the rustic style lamp.

Garden is a Corresponding Field for Your Creativity

No matter is it winter or summer, a chicken wire sculpture is a garden delight. Forms could be different: from butterflies, dragonflies to blossom garden or Christmas decoration for the winter season. Sketch your sculpture on a paper, just overall body shape. Cut the shape’s from chicken wire always using protective no-cut gloves. Use a roll of silver garden wire to finish the ends and to give a nice outline for your sculpture. If your sculpture has small parts like wings first cut them then shape the body, head, and other parts. Never forget to create a connection point (little loop) on smaller parts. You will easily attach them to the other parts of the sculpture. As soon as you finish your creation, you have to find the way how to install it. You can use a long length of wire to hang the smaller sculptures. Finding the proper balance is sometimes tricky. Now, your sculpture is ready to find its place in the garden.

Fruit basket wire
You can use a small cable to hang small decorations of chicken.

New Look of Walls, Garage or Basement

Your wall is empty or you simply want to remove old posters or pictures? Considering chicken wire frame ideas you can achieve a new, refreshing and cozy look on the wall. Frames are easy to find at a flea market, garage sales or you simply check your basement or garage. Maybe you are just a step away from finding some extras there. If you want to remove old posters or canvases from the frame you’ll need to pull out the fasteners on the back using the pliers. Clean the frame from dust or old paint and roll the chicken wire on top. Cut it to a proper size then stapled it in. Of course, before you spread wire over the frame you can change a color of it and give it a vintage look. Isn’t it a perfect message board and an excellent wall arrangement? You can use wooden pinch to attach your messages and your new chicken wire memo board will get an artistic look.

Wire hearts of different sizes
Other ideas for making chicken wire frames is to give it a heart shape or some new aspect to hang on the wall.

If your garage or basement is in the mess you can exploit a plenty of chicken wire craft ideas to create frame supplies organizer. For this purpose, you can use a common, wood frame and stronger, 2-inch chicken wire with more gauges. Spring knocks on the door, and you can be more productive when your tools and supplies hang in perfect order on the framed chicken wire. Before you start to work, check your tools and necessary materials, and during the work always wear no-cut gloves. Cover your work, the chicken wire could be a little bit greasy. 

Chicken wire craft ideas give you endless possibilities to enter an upcoming season with a new, fresh look of your home. Many small details could have an artistic and useful purpose as well. Also, it will encourage your family to find their own chicken wire craft ideas join and to join you in the adventure of pleasant artwork.

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