Chicken Wire Pattern in Purpose of Low-cost Quality Décor, Protecting and in Construction

Do you need different metallic fabrics, made of stainless steel, galvanized or black wire? Do you know where you can get different wire fabrics, different designs, and varied sizes? Are you looking for the most reliable performing boards that you can easily use in your projects? Do you want various models of expanded, round, square, hexagonal or elongated holes at the best prices on the market? Then it’s time to take a look at the full offer that you can find on this page. We are here to help you decide on which chicken wire pattern is the best for you. 

Decor on a Budget

Let`s start with the beginning. This mesh is well-known for the variety of chicken wire patterns. You can use it in many places around your house, even in landscaping. Having a wire sculpture in the garden, a butterfly, for example, will impress your guests. A sculpture adds your garden a new, elegant look, and your guests will talk about your house for a long time. It will look fancy without spending a fortune. If you are seeking original ideas for your flowers in the garden, you can make flower holders from wire mesh. Among many chicken wire ideas, you can find wonderful decorations, excellent storage boxes, fences or poultry nests.    

Wire frame with red star
Chicken wire has different patterns that can be used in your home and in your garden, whether it is creating cages or support for flowers.

Protect Your Home and Surrounding Asset

You can also make a fence to protect your garden from animals. To make it firmer, wrap the base with wire. You should bury a part of the wire to keep out groundhogs. You can use wire as a cat repellent as they have sensitive paws. Also, this wire stops squirrels from digging a patch of crocuses. Have you ever thought that a wire mesh can keep even deer out of your garden? Deer don’t like to go on wire mesh. The handyman`s make fruit baskets from it. Some people use it to make poultry nests after they have analyzed most convenient chicken wire pattern.    

Flexible, Durable, Easy to Cut

Wire fabrics represent the first element in constructions, but they are widely used in other fields too. The fabrics can be made from various materials such as Galvanized steel, Stainless steel, Brass, Copper or Bronze. People use it in their homes to patch a hole. But even if you are not a farmer and don’t have chickens, you can still find this mesh useful. It is flexible, durable and easy to cut. You can use wire to make a holding tank for fallen leaves and then make compost from it or just keep the leaves in a safe area from the wind to be sure your garden remains clean.

Wire flower basket
In addition to creating decorations with the chicken wire you can also create cages to prevent animals from entering your garden.

Other uses:     

Wire screens can protect against radio frequency radiation and microwave ovens. Wire mesh can be used to make park benches, baskets, and fence for poultry or livestock. Some people use welded or woven mesh cages to trap raccoons and skunks. Another common use is to make a fence, a chicken run or a chicken coop. Farmers use a hexagonal galvanized steel wire. Wire mesh protects plants and small animals but is not suitable as a protection from predators. Chicken wire vs. hardware cloth in the construction industry is a difficult question since both of them have been used to support cement or plaster, in the process known as stuccoing. Some people patch holes with them. 

How to Decide which Pattern to Buy? 

You only need to know what you want to do, and we will help you to choose the right wire mesh. If you need a hen-coop, you need a certain type of mesh, but if you want to decorate your garden and make a statue, you will need other types of meshes. Not every mesh is suitable for every purpose, and some professional advice is not a waste. The first step is to study the chicken wire patterns, their characteristics, and the materials. If you need accuracy, you need a hexahedral mesh. Large mesh compromises the accuracy.

Chicken wire
Another use that is given to chicken wire is to create cages to catch small animals such as raccoons.


One important type of chicken wire pattern is the general wire or chicken wire. It is used in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and in the food industry. Farmers are good friends with this wire. They make poultry nests, fencings from it. Wire fabrics can also be classified in MESH, this is the number of meshes in length of 1 inch (25.4 mm). For triangular cells, the mesh should not exceed 0.85 and for quadrilateral cells, the mesh should not exceed 0.9.


The fabric can be made of stainless steel or galvanized steel wire, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and alloys (brass, bronze, copper, and phosphorus). The construction of a metallic fabric has been achieved by intersecting the wires and forming constant-shaped meshes between them. These threads are identified as warp and hoof. The warp threads are parallel to the length of the fabric. Knotted yarns are parallel to the width of the fabric. It is the most used type of fabric.

Iron wire candle decoration
The wire cloth is the most used for its materials since it can be made of stainless steel or galvanized steel wire.


Chicken wire patterns include filter wire fabrics. These are used in many industries, for example, food, aviation, construction, hydro and power plants, drilling, etc. The wire diameter: d1 = 0,30 ÷ 0,80 mm; d2 = 0.20 ÷ 0.55 mm. Due to the strength, these fabrics can be subjected to very high pressures without affecting the fabric or the degree of filtration. This is the reason why it is used even in aeronautics. The fabrics can be made from various materials such as Galvanized steel or Stainless steel. 


Agriculture includes the harvest of cereals. Cereal decortication wire is used in agriculture for grain husking. The eye diameter is 1.49 / 1.97. It is made of square wire of 1.8 x 1.8 mm. The diameter of the warp and weft yarns is generally the same. This special material was invented by Charles Barnard in 1844. He was the son of a farmer and he wanted to help his parents to keep chickens in the coop. Today, many chicken wire patterns are used to serve almost every purpose.

Flower decoration
The patterns of the chicken wire have wire cloth and its use is in power plants in constructions and in hydroelectric plants.

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