A Wide Range of Industries Uses Wire Mesh for Different Purposes

From Agriculture to Building and Construction

The term wire mesh comprises a wide range of metal wire screens that are being produced of low carbon or stainless steel. It is industrially manufactured product available in various shapes and sizes for the multiple purposes in several fields. In horticulture and gardening, it is used for fencing, protection or artificial plant wall. Protection of garden plants is of utmost importance for the preservation of the sustainable production. The investment in strong and solid wire mesh prevents rodents from entering your property. It also serves as a reliable deterrent for some larger animals. If you are not sure about the right size, do not hesitate to ask for professional advice. Deer, foxes, and brocks recognize it as a physical barrier they cannot break. Install it properly, and a long list of pests will be excluded or deterred from your asset. Stainless still is corrosion resistant and meshed wire can be used for fencing purposes in construction, mining, and transportation. A wide array of applications in architecture is connected with the safety purposes including roads and bridges maintenance and rock retention. In the construction industry, it provides stability. Construction related applications of meshes vary from simple safety guards to infill panels. 

Wire Mesh
The wire mesh is a good option to build barriers against animals because of its great resistance the mesh can not be destroyed.

Craft Papermaking and Industry Baskets 

Some popular projects include wire mesh as well. Over time, it has been used for craft papermaking. Handmade paper is a luxury product that does not have to be expensive at all. If you are a creative person who likes to experiment, you can dare to make mould and deckle of the mesh. In the craft papermaking, these belong to the essential equipment. Except two frames, you will need a kind of mesh that is used for screening doors or fencing. Wire mesh baskets are also the products applied in different industries such as pharmaceutical or automotive. They are open and they allow air and water circulation that is necessary for some manufacturing processes. Which basket will in the best way answer the needs of some manufacturer depends on what conditions, such as temperatures or chemicals the basket will be exposed to. During the whole process, the mesh is supposed to retain its shape, function, and efficiency. Its lifespan should last over time without any major changes on the form or structure.

Chicken Wire
The wire mesh is also used to create decorations an example would be a basket for fruits.

Cylinders for Tree Trunks Protection

On the farms, bird netting for tree protection is a common issue every responsible farmer has to deal with. Fruits are delicious to humans but birds are also very fond of them. The biggest problem is not the quantity of fruit the birds may eat during the season but the fact that they are pecking from tree to tree changing the structure of the fruits and ruining the harvest. Netting is a reliable exclusion device that keeps the birds off the orchard. To protect the fruits we will use PVC bird netting. However, we shall not forget that the trunk is a sensitive part of the tree too, and it is exposed not only to birds but to other wild animals too. Damage may differ in accordance with the species living around. Deer rub their antlers against the trunks, and they return every year on the same place to repeat the action. Some smaller animals, especially rodents feed on trunks and tree bark. Normally, most damage occurs in the winter time when in nature persist the lack of food. Wire mesh cylinders are the real low-cost solution for this problem you can apply easily in no time. The further advantage is that you can reuse it over years with little maintenance. 

Wire mesh on tree trunk
The wire mesh can also be used to build tree trunk protectors, and the mesh can be reused.

Protect Dogs on the Farm

Every farm has pets, and a lot of urban farmers have them in their gardens. They are oftentimes a part of the family with the serious role in keeping the livestock safe. Especially large breeds are successful as guardians. Their space should also be confined, and a dog fence of the wire mesh is a great choice. It looks good, it fits the surroundings, and it is reliable. Such fence will have a double function. The one is to prevent the fight between domestic dogs and wild animals while the other is to keep dogs off the garden or flowers they might accidentally graze. Dogs get easily used to the confined area and they start thinking of it as of their home. Such fences are also convenient for keeping cows and horses. For their sturdiness, the animals can lean on them with the full body weight and they will not break the fence. Metal fences can successfully replace the wooden ones but T posts should be placed into a ground as deep as their wooden counterparts. Only ‘by the book’ installation will enable lasting protection. It is also important to think about height and thickness. If the fence is too low, the dog can jump over it. Different patterns match different needs. 

There are not so many products on the market that have so versatile implementation like wire mesh. In the form of screen panels, it covers doors, windows or it can be used for fencing on the farms and in the gardens. For its huge advantages that include sturdiness, reliability, and the variety of shapes and sizes, it is favored in a lot of industries from building and construction to automotive and pharmaceutical. In the field of protection, it does not matter whether you are dealing with small pests such are rodents or the big one such as deer. It is effective against any of them if installed properly in an adequate shape and size. 

Dog fence made by wire mesh
Wire mesh can also be used to create a fence for your pets.

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