Why should you set up your corral with synthetic chicken netting?

For poultryfarmers one of the most important and delicate tasks is taking care of their birds. Chicks, hens, roosters and other poultry are very active animals and this is why poultry farmers have to make resistant and clean corrals for them. Chicken netting is an efficient option to use when making a corral for chicks since it is made from polypropylene, a highly resistant and long-lasting material. 

Only CHICKENMALLA is made with polypropylene so that it doesn’t rust and contaminate your corral.

CHICKEMALLA is a product made specifically for this task. As opposed to the netting in the photo, this chicken netting won’t rust and won’t harm your animals. Additionally it is easily put up and moved in the case of free range chickens. 

A problem that poultry farmers often have when they are setting up their coops and runs is that of picking a material which is resistant to rust. Oxidization is commonly caused by bird droppings because when they build up they generate acid that corrodes corrals, wears them down and over time creates holes in wire fencing. Of course this won’t be a problem for chicken netting, CHICKENMALLA, since it is made from polypropylene. This material is very resistant and long-lasting. Bird droppings won’t cause it to rust.

Traditional chicken wire is made from metal which rusts and loses its shape over time. On the other hand, polypropylene mesh  is a resistant material. Saltpeter, humidity and bird feces will never cause it to rust. 

The advantages of a chicken run made from plastic chicken netting

It doesn’t matter what kind of birds you are keeping in your corral, chicken netting is the best option. 

Plastic chicken netting is clean. Its hygiene and maintenance are easy and quick. It the case that a part of the netting gets damaged or breaks, it is easy to replace and put up again as well.

The price of this netting is lower than that of other materials like adobe or bricks. It is even cheaper than some plastics. This netting is more efficient when caring for poultry since it is especially designed for protecting birds from outside conditions as well as making sure that they aren’t harmed within the corral (of course this is independent from the population density of birds inside the corral).

By keeping poultry in a run, it is easier to control diseases since these will be more quickly detected 

Other uses and benefits of chicken netting

You can create separations between your corrals or within them so that your farm is better organized. This way you will have less risk of disease. 

This mesh can be used to reinforce greenhouses and in greenhouse vegetable production.

Additionally, since this netting is made from polypropylene, there is no risk that the birds will be harmed by it as opposed to what occurs with metal chicken wire or wood. In both cases, these materials can break (even when they are in the best conditions) and harm the birds by cutting them. This causes infections which if go untreated can turn into an epidemic on your farm. 

As you can see, the benefits of using plastic chicken netting are many and varied. If you want to know more about this and other agricultural netting, please click here.

With rust-proof chicken netting, CHICKENMALLA, your birds will be able to grow, safe from injury, even in humid or acid environments.

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