Freedom and Safety for Your Chickens

“Day comes and you begin your morning routine on the farm: go out, let the animals out, feed them etc. But when you get to where chicken coop is you notice that something isn’t right: one of the boards has come loose. When you inspect the poultry enclosure you find that…”  

Don’t let this happen to you and don’t let the routine at your poultry business become a horror story overnight. If you are going to raise poultry you must include safety infrastructure to keep your animals safe in every possible situation that could affect them. When you build the nesting area, whether it is a coop or something similar, pay attention to the details that could give you a headache in the short or long term. Big boards cannot always keep your chickens out of danger because, although they give a tremendous sense of security, they tend to accumulate waste in small spaces, which increases the risk that your chickens could get sick. Additionally, the nesting area could become too sealed off in some situations and cause the temperature to rise on the inside making your poultry feel uncomfortable and get stressed or sick. This means that the most visually attractive solutions (big wooden boards or metal structures) hide their dangers because the danger isn’t always external; it can be internal too. What alternative is there then? The simplest of all: use chicken mesh.

Chicken mesh is a good option because it saves you the money that you would spend on wooden boards that don’t always protect your chickens. 

Big chicken coops in which the structure is built completely from wood or metal can protect your poultry from danger, but there are times when they aren’t managed as they should be. This has a negative impact on the poultry as well as the structure in and of itself, causing the structure to deteriorate for different reasons: the effect of the sun or rain, the maintenance performed on the coop and adjacent spaces (cleaning, disinfecting, readjustment of the parts) or the continuous contact with the waste produced by the birds like excrement as well as dirt they bring in from outside or leftover feed. Haven’t you asked yourself why the majority of chicken coops are designed with some kind of mesh? It’s because chicken mesh, also known as chicken wire, is much more affordable as far as a budget allows and it is easy to install. Surely this doesn’t convince you because you may have heard that these kinds of meshes deteriorate quickly, but this happens because not everyone uses good quality mesh or one intended for this use. Let’s look at the case of CHICKENMALLA; for quite a while this mesh has shown itself to be good quality. It is designed to cover the needs for safety and durability that the world of poultry requires. As it is made from polypropylene, this chicken mesh will last for quite a few years despite the onslaughts that could damage it, whether it is the effect of the weather, animals or being pushed etc. The different styles of this material such as plastic chicken mesh or hexagonal chicken mesh are useful to form the chicken coop itself as well as the outer fence for your poultry. As long as it is properly tightened you can rest easy that predatory animals and sly chickens will not cross the fence because they simply won’t be able to. You won’t have to worry about exposed corners or sharp parts of the mesh that could hurt your animals as you would with other brands of mesh or simple wire fencing. It’s for this reason that we recommend quality brands such as CHICKENMALLA. 

Building a chicken coop from wood or metal can have its disadvantages overtime if it is not installed in the proper way. 

What other benefit can you get from chicken mesh when compared with materials like wood or metal? The play or dig space is one characteristic that is often overlooked at the time of construction of enclosures for poultry or fences that keep poultry in a controlled space. What does that mean? Poultry, like any other person or animal, need an area in which they can spread out freely. If they are shut up most of the day, this confinement can degenerate into stress and sickness. For this reason including a controlled space near the roost is common when beginning to raise this type of birds. This is one of the advantages that chicken mesh gives you: the sensation of freedom for your poultry. Of course, bear in mind the best places to use it when you install the chicken mesh since if you use only mesh to make, for example, a coop, your chickens will suffer from rain, sun and gusts of wind. You should keep in mind at the time that you install this kind of mesh that your poultry not be directly exposed to the aforementioned elements (wind, rain etc.)

We recommend adding an extra area to the coop so that the chickens can move around freely to avoid causing them stress. 

We hope that this short, basic article has been of use to you to know a little more about chicken mesh and what it contributes to a poultry enclosure. As well as some interesting facts about this kind of structure such as chicken coops. And remember, if you decide to use these kinds of materials, use them prudently and use high quality ones like CHICKENMALLA.

In respect to the caring for and raising or chickens or other kinds of poultry there exist different ways of keeping them safe from predators and from getting out. Chicken mesh is an effective alternative and affordable  for everyone.

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