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One of the most profitable and easiest activities within the animal husbandry business is raising poultry. These types of birds, including chickens, pheasants and quails (among others), are raised with the commercial purpose of selling their meat and eggs. As in all businesses of this kind it is top priority to maintain regular perimeter checks as well as the health and safety of your animals. The importance of safety is at times underestimated by some since raising birds is not as difficult as raising other kinds of animals. Some people think that simply keeping them separated in a corner or enclosed with a couple of boards is enough. There is nothing farther from the truth. Poultries’ needs require protection that can guarantee that their lives aren’t at risk daily and that they are free from problems like being stolen, contracting diseases, being attacked by animals etc. To avoid this kind of trouble, there are various ways that we can provide the security necessary for our poultry. Chicken mesh is one the most employed methods worldwide due to it being easy to obtain and install. CHICKENMALLA chicken mesh is highlighted as one of the options that many poultry owners choose.


Chicken mesh, CHICKENMALLA, is a good option since it guarantees a safe coop and helps avoid risks like theft and death.

This popular material helps enclose the area in which our poultry will live. It keeps them safe from any kind of external intrusion. It also keeps birds sheltered from any possible escape. This chicken mesh or wire, as many others know it, is designed to resist possible attacks by predatory animals like cats, foxes, and birds of prey, that may try to get away with one of the birds or their eggs. At the same time, it gives a feeling of freedom to its occupants (in this case, poultry) and they don’t feel locked up. Additionally, this resistant material is made with a polypropylene base that prevents the chicken mesh from deteriorating from the effects of the rain and sun. It also withstands the maintenance with which this kind of mesh comes in contact: to keep it in place and periodic exposure it has with the waste produced in the poultries’ habitat like droppings and left over food. It is important to highlight that the different versions of this mesh, hexagonal chicken wire or chicken mesh made from plastic, can be used in other contexts and with other kinds of farm animals. Be careful! Not every chicken mesh is trustworthy or fulfills what it promises so we recommend that if you are going to use chicken mesh that it should be a proven brand like CHICKENMALLA.


Chicken mesh, CHICKENMALLA, is the most trustworthy because of its high quality and it resists animal attacks that put your chickens’ lives at risk.

This brings up something interesting: “It gives its occupants a sense of freedom.” Chickens, quails, ducks and other animals of this nature have the same needs as other animals or even us. Security is something primordial, the same as the feeling of peace and freedom that our surroundings can give us. For chickens, for example, feeling locked up all the time in a dark place (like, for example, a chicken coop) can start to stress them, provoking constant disease and causing them to die. It is important when you set up the place where the birds you raise will live, to have optimum conditions in which they feel comfortable and safe. At the same time, it should be practical and enjoyable for them. A moderate air flow in the coop should be one of the top priorities when you put in the chicken mesh, boards, fencing or material that you prefer. The environment shouldn’t be too hot or cold and the wind shouldn’t blow through too quickly. It should also have enough space so that the birds can move around easily and you, as well, when you go in and out of the chicken coop. Space is important when the chickens lay their eggs (if they feel that the site is not safe or difficult to get to to set on their eggs, they won’t be able to lay any in that place) and they should be comfortable when it is time to rest. You should also keep in mind the setup of the elements like where the chickens will sleep and where they will eat. The layout of the roosts should be accessible for its occupant and the bird shouldn’t bother the others around it, for example chicken droppings often fall from the higher roosts onto the lower ones. The same thing happens with the feed; if you feed your chickens inside the coop, make sure that the feed is in clean containers and don’t put it directly on the ground since this can carry diseases to the birds when they consume the feed.


We recommend that the coop have a light source and enough space so that the chickens aren’t stressed and don’t get sick and die.

Keeping in mind the previous advice, and with the knowledge that you should use a trustworthy chicken wire like the popular chicken mesh, CHICKENMALLA, you can be sure that your poultry will have a full and safe life if you provide them with the best care and the best protection you can. This mesh will give you the best results in the short and long term while your birds are growing and except in the case of a catastrophe, the chicken mesh will give you all the advantages of safety and freedom that your birds need. Don’t forget, good care and CHICKENMALLA are your best options.

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