A barrier for your poultry

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Popular chicken mesh

One of the most profitable and easiest activities within the animal husbandry business is raising poultry. These types of birds, including chickens, pheasants and quails (among others), are raised with the commercial purpose of selling their meat and eggs. As in all businesses of this kind it is top priority to maintain regular perimeter checks as well as the health and safety of your animals. The importance of safety is at times underestimated by some since raising birds is not as difficult as raising other kinds of animals. Some people think that simply keeping them separated in a corner or enclosed with a couple of boards is enough. There is nothing farther from the truth. Poultries’ needs require protection that can guarantee that their lives aren’t at risk daily and that they are free from problems like being stolen, contracting diseases, being attacked by animals etc. To avoid this kind of trouble, there are various ways that we can provide the security necessary for our poultry. Chicken mesh is one the most employed methods worldwide due to it being easy to obtain and install. CHICKENMALLA chicken mesh is highlighted as one of the options that many poultry owners choose.

Chicken mesh, CHICKENMALLA, is a good option since it guarantees a safe coop and helps avoid risks like theft and death.

This popular material helps enclose the area in which our poultry will live. It keeps them safe from any kind of external intrusion. It also keeps birds sheltered from any possible escape. This chicken mesh or wire, as many others know it, is designed to resist possible attacks by predatory animals like cats, foxes, and birds of prey, that may try to get away with one of the birds or their eggs. At the same time, it gives a feeling of freedom to its occupants (in this case, poultry) and they don’t feel locked up. Additionally, this resistant material is made with a polypropylene base that prevents the chicken mesh from deteriorating from the effects of the rain and sun. It also withstands the maintenance with which this kind of mesh comes in contact: to keep it in place and periodic exposure it has with the waste produced in the poultries’ habitat like droppings and left over food. It is important to highlight that the different versions of this mesh, hexagonal chicken wire or chicken mesh made from plastic, can be used in other contexts and with other kinds of farm animals. Be careful! Not every chicken mesh is trustworthy or fulfills what it promises so we recommend that if you are going to use chicken mesh that it should be a proven brand like CHICKENMALLA.

Chicken mesh, CHICKENMALLA, is the most trustworthy because of its high quality and it resists animal attacks that put your chickens’ lives at risk. 

This brings up something interesting: “It gives its occupants a sense of freedom.” Chickens, quails, ducks and other animals of this nature have the same needs as other animals or even us. Security is something primordial, the same as the feeling of peace and freedom that our surroundings can give us. For chickens, for example, feeling locked up all the time in a dark place (like, for example, a chicken coop) can start to stress them, provoking constant disease and causing them to die. It is important when you set up the place where the birds you raise will live, to have optimum conditions in which they feel comfortable and safe. At the same time, it should be practical and enjoyable for them. A moderate air flow in the coop should be one of the top priorities when you put in the chicken mesh, boards, fencing or material that you prefer. The environment shouldn’t be too hot or cold and the wind shouldn’t blow through too quickly. It should also have enough space so that the birds can move around easily and you, as well, when you go in and out of the chicken coop. Space is important when the chickens lay their eggs (if they feel that the site is not safe or difficult to get to to set on their eggs, they won’t be able to lay any in that place) and they should be comfortable when it is time to rest. You should also keep in mind the setup of the elements like where the chickens will sleep and where they will eat. The layout of the roosts should be accessible for its occupant and the bird shouldn’t bother the others around it, for example chicken droppings often fall from the higher roosts onto the lower ones. The same thing happens with the feed; if you feed your chickens inside the coop, make sure that the feed is in clean containers and don’t put it directly on the ground since this can carry diseases to the birds when they consume the feed.

We recommend that the coop have a light source and enough space so that the chickens aren’t stressed and don’t get sick and die. 

Keeping in mind the previous advice, and with the knowledge that you should use a trustworthy chicken wire like the popular chicken mesh, CHICKENMALLA, you can be sure that your poultry will have a full and safe life if you provide them with the best care and the best protection you can. This mesh will give you the best results in the short and long term while your birds are growing and except in the case of a catastrophe, the chicken mesh will give you all the advantages of safety and freedom that your birds need. Don’t forget, good care and CHICKENMALLA are your best options.

This chicken mesh or chicken wire, as many know it, is designed to resist possible predatory animal attacks.

Poultry and the use of chicken mesh

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Freedom and Safety for Your Chickens

“Day comes and you begin your morning routine on the farm: go out, let the animals out, feed them etc. But when you get to where chicken coop is you notice that something isn’t right: one of the boards has come loose. When you inspect the poultry enclosure you find that…”  

Don’t let this happen to you and don’t let the routine at your poultry business become a horror story overnight. If you are going to raise poultry you must include safety infrastructure to keep your animals safe in every possible situation that could affect them. When you build the nesting area, whether it is a coop or something similar, pay attention to the details that could give you a headache in the short or long term. Big boards cannot always keep your chickens out of danger because, although they give a tremendous sense of security, they tend to accumulate waste in small spaces, which increases the risk that your chickens could get sick. Additionally, the nesting area could become too sealed off in some situations and cause the temperature to rise on the inside making your poultry feel uncomfortable and get stressed or sick. This means that the most visually attractive solutions (big wooden boards or metal structures) hide their dangers because the danger isn’t always external; it can be internal too. What alternative is there then? The simplest of all: use chicken mesh.

Chicken mesh is a good option because it saves you the money that you would spend on wooden boards that don’t always protect your chickens. 

Big chicken coops in which the structure is built completely from wood or metal can protect your poultry from danger, but there are times when they aren’t managed as they should be. This has a negative impact on the poultry as well as the structure in and of itself, causing the structure to deteriorate for different reasons: the effect of the sun or rain, the maintenance performed on the coop and adjacent spaces (cleaning, disinfecting, readjustment of the parts) or the continuous contact with the waste produced by the birds like excrement as well as dirt they bring in from outside or leftover feed. Haven’t you asked yourself why the majority of chicken coops are designed with some kind of mesh? It’s because chicken mesh, also known as chicken wire, is much more affordable as far as a budget allows and it is easy to install. Surely this doesn’t convince you because you may have heard that these kinds of meshes deteriorate quickly, but this happens because not everyone uses good quality mesh or one intended for this use. Let’s look at the case of CHICKENMALLA; for quite a while this mesh has shown itself to be good quality. It is designed to cover the needs for safety and durability that the world of poultry requires. As it is made from polypropylene, this chicken mesh will last for quite a few years despite the onslaughts that could damage it, whether it is the effect of the weather, animals or being pushed etc. The different styles of this material such as plastic chicken mesh or hexagonal chicken mesh are useful to form the chicken coop itself as well as the outer fence for your poultry. As long as it is properly tightened you can rest easy that predatory animals and sly chickens will not cross the fence because they simply won’t be able to. You won’t have to worry about exposed corners or sharp parts of the mesh that could hurt your animals as you would with other brands of mesh or simple wire fencing. It’s for this reason that we recommend quality brands such as CHICKENMALLA. 

Building a chicken coop from wood or metal can have its disadvantages overtime if it is not installed in the proper way. 

What other benefit can you get from chicken mesh when compared with materials like wood or metal? The play or dig space is one characteristic that is often overlooked at the time of construction of enclosures for poultry or fences that keep poultry in a controlled space. What does that mean? Poultry, like any other person or animal, need an area in which they can spread out freely. If they are shut up most of the day, this confinement can degenerate into stress and sickness. For this reason including a controlled space near the roost is common when beginning to raise this type of birds. This is one of the advantages that chicken mesh gives you: the sensation of freedom for your poultry. Of course, bear in mind the best places to use it when you install the chicken mesh since if you use only mesh to make, for example, a coop, your chickens will suffer from rain, sun and gusts of wind. You should keep in mind at the time that you install this kind of mesh that your poultry not be directly exposed to the aforementioned elements (wind, rain etc.)

We recommend adding an extra area to the coop so that the chickens can move around freely to avoid causing them stress. 

We hope that this short, basic article has been of use to you to know a little more about chicken mesh and what it contributes to a poultry enclosure. As well as some interesting facts about this kind of structure such as chicken coops. And remember, if you decide to use these kinds of materials, use them prudently and use high quality ones like CHICKENMALLA.

In respect to the caring for and raising or chickens or other kinds of poultry there exist different ways of keeping them safe from predators and from getting out. Chicken mesh is an effective alternative and affordable  for everyone.

General Information about Chicken Mesh: Uses and Benefits.

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Get to know the benefits of plastic chicken mesh

In poultry farming, it is very common to use chicken mesh to protect corrals and for divisions inside of these. It is very easy to handle and doesn’t take much time to set up.

Keeping backyard chickens

Raising poultry owes its importance to the dietary quality that its products (eggs and meat) give us. These products have become essential to the diets of most families, even in the least well-off families.
Many people like to have fresh eggs easily available and so they keep backyard chickens. This way they can use them for cooking or to sell.

Keeping backyard chickens with chicken mesh. 

Keeping backyard chickens has many benefits:

  • They have a short production cycle.
  • Layer chickens reach laying age when they are 20 to 24 weeks old.
  • Chickens can be slaughtered when they are between 5 and 6 weeks old.
  • The incubation of a chicken egg lasts only 21 days.
  • The dietary products obtained are of high nutritional quality. They contain 20 to 22% of the necessary protein, among other important nutrients.
  • You can get various types of products: meat and eggs which are available to the population at a low cost. Chicken droppings are widely used as organic fertilizer for plants.
  • Because of their size, poultry products can be saved with no problem and in little space.
  • They are easy to care for (they adapt to any exploitation system and they require little labor).
  • They don’t need much space or time.

The big advantage of backyard chickens is that you get fresh eggs and meat.

In poultry farming, it is very common to use chicken mesh to protect corrals and for divisions inside of these. It is very easy to handle and doesn’t take much time to set up.

Chickens in a run protected by chicken mesh. 

Uses of chicken mesh:

  • Making corrals for a variety of species like chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigeons, and ostriches among others. 
  • Building cages for different kinds of animals.
  • Marking off spaces.
  • Creating divisions within a cage to separate birds by sex or age.
  • Protecting crops from bird attacks.

By keeping chickens in a corral, you protect them and you protect your garden.

Benefits of using chicken mesh:

  • It protects your birds by keeping them in just one place and also by keeping outside birds from getting into the corral. This way you avoid loss of feed.
  • It gives your birds microbiological protection because it doesn’t allow outside birds into your corral. These could bring in diseases like bird flu, salmonella, or parvovirus with them.
  • It is easy to set up and it doesn’t require much maintenance.
  • The inside environment and the exterior surroundings are practically the same.
  • In contrast with a closed in chicken corral, a chicken run made with chicken mesh provides correct ventilation, eliminating toxic gasses produced in the coop.
  • It protects poultry from predators.
  • It keeps poultry from walking so much, which means they use less energy and develop fewer muscles and as a result produce softer meat.

What chicken mesh should I use? 

Chicken mesh, CHICKENMALLA, is made from black polypropylene, highly resistant to humidity. It doesn’t rust and it isn’t affected by  the extremely acidic pH of poultry droppings which means it is long-lasting.

Chicken mesh, CHICKENMALLA, is the best option for protecting your birds. 

This chicken mesh has many benefits:

  • UV filter and protection from the elementrs for 24 months.
  • Cheap when compared to metal chicken wire.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • It doesn’t rust.
  • It is easy to clean and disinfect because of its smooth surface and it prevents the growth of microorganisms like viruses and bacteria.

In poultry farming it is common to use chicken mesh to protect the different kinds of birds people raise in their backyards.

Chicken Netting in Corrals for Poultry

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Why should you set up your corral with synthetic chicken netting?

For poultryfarmers one of the most important and delicate tasks is taking care of their birds. Chicks, hens, roosters and other poultry are very active animals and this is why poultry farmers have to make resistant and clean corrals for them. Chicken netting is an efficient option to use when making a corral for chicks since it is made from polypropylene, a highly resistant and long-lasting material. 

Only CHICKENMALLA is made with polypropylene so that it doesn’t rust and contaminate your corral.

CHICKEMALLA is a product made specifically for this task. As opposed to the netting in the photo, this chicken netting won’t rust and won’t harm your animals. Additionally it is easily put up and moved in the case of free range chickens. 

A problem that poultry farmers often have when they are setting up their coops and runs is that of picking a material which is resistant to rust. Oxidization is commonly caused by bird droppings because when they build up they generate acid that corrodes corrals, wears them down and over time creates holes in wire fencing. Of course this won’t be a problem for chicken netting, CHICKENMALLA, since it is made from polypropylene. This material is very resistant and long-lasting. Bird droppings won’t cause it to rust.

Traditional chicken wire is made from metal which rusts and loses its shape over time. On the other hand, polypropylene mesh  is a resistant material. Saltpeter, humidity and bird feces will never cause it to rust. 

The advantages of a chicken run made from plastic chicken netting

It doesn’t matter what kind of birds you are keeping in your corral, chicken netting is the best option. 

Plastic chicken netting is clean. Its hygiene and maintenance are easy and quick. It the case that a part of the netting gets damaged or breaks, it is easy to replace and put up again as well.

The price of this netting is lower than that of other materials like adobe or bricks. It is even cheaper than some plastics. This netting is more efficient when caring for poultry since it is especially designed for protecting birds from outside conditions as well as making sure that they aren’t harmed within the corral (of course this is independent from the population density of birds inside the corral).

By keeping poultry in a run, it is easier to control diseases since these will be more quickly detected 

Other uses and benefits of chicken netting

You can create separations between your corrals or within them so that your farm is better organized. This way you will have less risk of disease. 

This mesh can be used to reinforce greenhouses and in greenhouse vegetable production.

Additionally, since this netting is made from polypropylene, there is no risk that the birds will be harmed by it as opposed to what occurs with metal chicken wire or wood. In both cases, these materials can break (even when they are in the best conditions) and harm the birds by cutting them. This causes infections which if go untreated can turn into an epidemic on your farm. 

As you can see, the benefits of using plastic chicken netting are many and varied. If you want to know more about this and other agricultural netting, please click here.

With rust-proof chicken netting, CHICKENMALLA, your birds will be able to grow, safe from injury, even in humid or acid environments.

Understanding the Difference between Chicken Wire and Hardware Mesh

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Aiming for coop security? Here’s all that you need to know about chicken wire Vs hardware cloth.

When I started off with my poultry keeping adventures, I had to learn the hard way that there lies a huge difference between chicken wire and hardware mesh or hardware cloth as it is also known as. Since I failed to understand the differences early on, I had to pay the price of losing a couple of my newly hatched chicks to a prying hawk! So, if you are also new to poultry farming and you are planning to make a secure coop for your chickens, this article will help you understand the difference between the two. It is important for you to understand this difference, as it will not only help you save a lot of money, but it will also save you the horror of losing your chickens. A chicken wire is an ideal option as a poultry netting if your primary objective is to keep your chickens confined in a specific area and restrict them from running around. However, the flipside is that it won’t keep away predators from reaching them inside the coop. Where there are chickens, there will be obviously a lot of predators lurking around such as dogs, hawks, and raccoons waiting for that one opportunity to lay their hands on your chickens. 

When you are planning for the fence of your coop, you must be aware of the very basic rule in terms of security. The openings in the fence of your coop need to be as small as feasible and the metal needs to have a lower gauge. While you are making your coop, a hardware mesh may seem to be an expensive option as compared to chicken wire; however, it is worth making this investment, since you will be spared from future losses.

Chicken Wire
The chicken net CHICKENMALLA is the best option to protect the chicken coop.

Difference between Chicken Wire and Hardware Mesh

Chicken wire, also known as hex netting is a twisted wire mesh that is made out of steel. The openings are usually designed in a hexagonal pattern and it comes in either galvanized or PVC coated material. The flip side of this material is that it can be easily torn down by raccoons and hawks. If your aim is security for your coop, then this is not an ideal option to consider. The only advantage of chicken wire is that it is quite flexible and relatively easier on your pocket, in case your only objective is to confine your chickens in a specified area. 

A hardware mesh or hardware cloth is a woven wire mesh that is formed in either a rectangular or square shaped grid. It is available in bare steel, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. The metal gauge used in the manufacturing of hardware mesh is stronger as compared to a chicken wire. If you are looking to secure your coop and protect your chickens, this is an ideal choice for you. 

While you are installing the hardware mesh, you should bury it at least around 12 inches below the ground to ensure that no digging can tear it down easily thereby jeopardizing the security of your chickens. The proper burying of the hardware cloth will help to deter any of the above mentioned predators. However, you must wrap the windows of your coop in hardware cloth as well, because if you leave it open, predators such as hawks will be able to easily lift your chickens. When you are installing the hardware cloth, it is recommended that you use screws and washers to secure the material. Avoid using staples as it can be easily taken off. Cover any large opening of one inch or more with hardware mesh.

Chicken wire installed in a field
The chicken net CHICKENMALLA is very good option since it is made of a material of good quality.

Instances where you can use chicken wire successfully

Here are a couple of instances where you may use chicken wire successfully:

  • Use chicken wire to keep pullets separated from the older chickens inside the chicken coop.
  • Use it to keep your chickens out of the garden space.
  • You can use chicken wire to temporarily plug holes at the baseline of the fence to keep your chickens within the coop. You can crumple or fold a piece of chicken wire and stuff it in the hole. Later you can make a more permanent fence.
Chicken fence in a field
One of the uses of the chicken net is that you can divide the chickens by classes and ages.

Disadvantages of chicken wire

  • Chicken wire may cause injury to your chickens. Since the wire is flimsy, it breaks and falls apart easily and may thereby hurt the feet of your chickens.
  • Avoid using chicken wire as flooring for your coop, as it may add to the foot injuries of your birds such as bumble foot.
  • The toes of your chicken may get caught in the chicken wire and lead your chickens to break their toes. 
  • Broken or torn chicken wire may cause eye injuries, cuts, and scratches to your chickens.

Alternative to use instead of chicken wire

As discussed above, it is advisable that you use hardware mesh or hardware cloth as the preferred wire fencing for the security of your coop. Hardware cloth does not bend easily, as it is welded, thereby making it a stronger fencing material.

If your chicken coop has around six windows, ensure that you cover all the windows with hardware cloth with 1 inch square hardware mesh. It is recommended that you either use the ½ inch or 1 inch mesh for greater security. Since hardware cloth is made out of galvanized metal, it is highly durable compared to chicken wire. Ensure that you attach the hardware mesh to the window with the help of screws and a sturdy board in order to hold it in place properly.

Now that you are aware of the differences between chicken wire and hardware mesh, and you pay that extra bit of attention to the safety of your coop, it will pay off in the long run and you will have healthy, happy, and safe chickens.

Plastic Hardware Mesh
Another benefit of the chicken net can be used to cover windows.

Wire Mesh is a Premium Quality Product that Offers Reliable Protection

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A Wide Range of Industries Uses Wire Mesh for Different Purposes

From Agriculture to Building and Construction

The term wire mesh comprises a wide range of metal wire screens that are being produced of low carbon or stainless steel. It is industrially manufactured product available in various shapes and sizes for the multiple purposes in several fields. In horticulture and gardening, it is used for fencing, protection or artificial plant wall. Protection of garden plants is of utmost importance for the preservation of the sustainable production. The investment in strong and solid wire mesh prevents rodents from entering your property. It also serves as a reliable deterrent for some larger animals. If you are not sure about the right size, do not hesitate to ask for professional advice. Deer, foxes, and brocks recognize it as a physical barrier they cannot break. Install it properly, and a long list of pests will be excluded or deterred from your asset. Stainless still is corrosion resistant and meshed wire can be used for fencing purposes in construction, mining, and transportation. A wide array of applications in architecture is connected with the safety purposes including roads and bridges maintenance and rock retention. In the construction industry, it provides stability. Construction related applications of meshes vary from simple safety guards to infill panels. 

Wire Mesh
The wire mesh is a good option to build barriers against animals because of its great resistance the mesh can not be destroyed.

Craft Papermaking and Industry Baskets 

Some popular projects include wire mesh as well. Over time, it has been used for craft papermaking. Handmade paper is a luxury product that does not have to be expensive at all. If you are a creative person who likes to experiment, you can dare to make mould and deckle of the mesh. In the craft papermaking, these belong to the essential equipment. Except two frames, you will need a kind of mesh that is used for screening doors or fencing. Wire mesh baskets are also the products applied in different industries such as pharmaceutical or automotive. They are open and they allow air and water circulation that is necessary for some manufacturing processes. Which basket will in the best way answer the needs of some manufacturer depends on what conditions, such as temperatures or chemicals the basket will be exposed to. During the whole process, the mesh is supposed to retain its shape, function, and efficiency. Its lifespan should last over time without any major changes on the form or structure.

Chicken Wire
The wire mesh is also used to create decorations an example would be a basket for fruits.

Cylinders for Tree Trunks Protection

On the farms, bird netting for tree protection is a common issue every responsible farmer has to deal with. Fruits are delicious to humans but birds are also very fond of them. The biggest problem is not the quantity of fruit the birds may eat during the season but the fact that they are pecking from tree to tree changing the structure of the fruits and ruining the harvest. Netting is a reliable exclusion device that keeps the birds off the orchard. To protect the fruits we will use PVC bird netting. However, we shall not forget that the trunk is a sensitive part of the tree too, and it is exposed not only to birds but to other wild animals too. Damage may differ in accordance with the species living around. Deer rub their antlers against the trunks, and they return every year on the same place to repeat the action. Some smaller animals, especially rodents feed on trunks and tree bark. Normally, most damage occurs in the winter time when in nature persist the lack of food. Wire mesh cylinders are the real low-cost solution for this problem you can apply easily in no time. The further advantage is that you can reuse it over years with little maintenance. 

Wire mesh on tree trunk
The wire mesh can also be used to build tree trunk protectors, and the mesh can be reused.

Protect Dogs on the Farm

Every farm has pets, and a lot of urban farmers have them in their gardens. They are oftentimes a part of the family with the serious role in keeping the livestock safe. Especially large breeds are successful as guardians. Their space should also be confined, and a dog fence of the wire mesh is a great choice. It looks good, it fits the surroundings, and it is reliable. Such fence will have a double function. The one is to prevent the fight between domestic dogs and wild animals while the other is to keep dogs off the garden or flowers they might accidentally graze. Dogs get easily used to the confined area and they start thinking of it as of their home. Such fences are also convenient for keeping cows and horses. For their sturdiness, the animals can lean on them with the full body weight and they will not break the fence. Metal fences can successfully replace the wooden ones but T posts should be placed into a ground as deep as their wooden counterparts. Only ‘by the book’ installation will enable lasting protection. It is also important to think about height and thickness. If the fence is too low, the dog can jump over it. Different patterns match different needs. 

There are not so many products on the market that have so versatile implementation like wire mesh. In the form of screen panels, it covers doors, windows or it can be used for fencing on the farms and in the gardens. For its huge advantages that include sturdiness, reliability, and the variety of shapes and sizes, it is favored in a lot of industries from building and construction to automotive and pharmaceutical. In the field of protection, it does not matter whether you are dealing with small pests such are rodents or the big one such as deer. It is effective against any of them if installed properly in an adequate shape and size. 

Dog fence made by wire mesh
Wire mesh can also be used to create a fence for your pets.

Chicken Wire Pattern Types for a Wide Range of Application

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Chicken Wire Pattern in Purpose of Low-cost Quality Décor, Protecting and in Construction

Do you need different metallic fabrics, made of stainless steel, galvanized or black wire? Do you know where you can get different wire fabrics, different designs, and varied sizes? Are you looking for the most reliable performing boards that you can easily use in your projects? Do you want various models of expanded, round, square, hexagonal or elongated holes at the best prices on the market? Then it’s time to take a look at the full offer that you can find on this page. We are here to help you decide on which chicken wire pattern is the best for you. 

Decor on a Budget

Let`s start with the beginning. This mesh is well-known for the variety of chicken wire patterns. You can use it in many places around your house, even in landscaping. Having a wire sculpture in the garden, a butterfly, for example, will impress your guests. A sculpture adds your garden a new, elegant look, and your guests will talk about your house for a long time. It will look fancy without spending a fortune. If you are seeking original ideas for your flowers in the garden, you can make flower holders from wire mesh. Among many chicken wire ideas, you can find wonderful decorations, excellent storage boxes, fences or poultry nests.    

Wire frame with red star
Chicken wire has different patterns that can be used in your home and in your garden, whether it is creating cages or support for flowers.

Protect Your Home and Surrounding Asset

You can also make a fence to protect your garden from animals. To make it firmer, wrap the base with wire. You should bury a part of the wire to keep out groundhogs. You can use wire as a cat repellent as they have sensitive paws. Also, this wire stops squirrels from digging a patch of crocuses. Have you ever thought that a wire mesh can keep even deer out of your garden? Deer don’t like to go on wire mesh. The handyman`s make fruit baskets from it. Some people use it to make poultry nests after they have analyzed most convenient chicken wire pattern.    

Flexible, Durable, Easy to Cut

Wire fabrics represent the first element in constructions, but they are widely used in other fields too. The fabrics can be made from various materials such as Galvanized steel, Stainless steel, Brass, Copper or Bronze. People use it in their homes to patch a hole. But even if you are not a farmer and don’t have chickens, you can still find this mesh useful. It is flexible, durable and easy to cut. You can use wire to make a holding tank for fallen leaves and then make compost from it or just keep the leaves in a safe area from the wind to be sure your garden remains clean.

Wire flower basket
In addition to creating decorations with the chicken wire you can also create cages to prevent animals from entering your garden.

Other uses:     

Wire screens can protect against radio frequency radiation and microwave ovens. Wire mesh can be used to make park benches, baskets, and fence for poultry or livestock. Some people use welded or woven mesh cages to trap raccoons and skunks. Another common use is to make a fence, a chicken run or a chicken coop. Farmers use a hexagonal galvanized steel wire. Wire mesh protects plants and small animals but is not suitable as a protection from predators. Chicken wire vs. hardware cloth in the construction industry is a difficult question since both of them have been used to support cement or plaster, in the process known as stuccoing. Some people patch holes with them. 

How to Decide which Pattern to Buy? 

You only need to know what you want to do, and we will help you to choose the right wire mesh. If you need a hen-coop, you need a certain type of mesh, but if you want to decorate your garden and make a statue, you will need other types of meshes. Not every mesh is suitable for every purpose, and some professional advice is not a waste. The first step is to study the chicken wire patterns, their characteristics, and the materials. If you need accuracy, you need a hexahedral mesh. Large mesh compromises the accuracy.

Chicken wire
Another use that is given to chicken wire is to create cages to catch small animals such as raccoons.


One important type of chicken wire pattern is the general wire or chicken wire. It is used in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and in the food industry. Farmers are good friends with this wire. They make poultry nests, fencings from it. Wire fabrics can also be classified in MESH, this is the number of meshes in length of 1 inch (25.4 mm). For triangular cells, the mesh should not exceed 0.85 and for quadrilateral cells, the mesh should not exceed 0.9.


The fabric can be made of stainless steel or galvanized steel wire, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and alloys (brass, bronze, copper, and phosphorus). The construction of a metallic fabric has been achieved by intersecting the wires and forming constant-shaped meshes between them. These threads are identified as warp and hoof. The warp threads are parallel to the length of the fabric. Knotted yarns are parallel to the width of the fabric. It is the most used type of fabric.

Iron wire candle decoration
The wire cloth is the most used for its materials since it can be made of stainless steel or galvanized steel wire.


Chicken wire patterns include filter wire fabrics. These are used in many industries, for example, food, aviation, construction, hydro and power plants, drilling, etc. The wire diameter: d1 = 0,30 ÷ 0,80 mm; d2 = 0.20 ÷ 0.55 mm. Due to the strength, these fabrics can be subjected to very high pressures without affecting the fabric or the degree of filtration. This is the reason why it is used even in aeronautics. The fabrics can be made from various materials such as Galvanized steel or Stainless steel. 


Agriculture includes the harvest of cereals. Cereal decortication wire is used in agriculture for grain husking. The eye diameter is 1.49 / 1.97. It is made of square wire of 1.8 x 1.8 mm. The diameter of the warp and weft yarns is generally the same. This special material was invented by Charles Barnard in 1844. He was the son of a farmer and he wanted to help his parents to keep chickens in the coop. Today, many chicken wire patterns are used to serve almost every purpose.

Flower decoration
The patterns of the chicken wire have wire cloth and its use is in power plants in constructions and in hydroelectric plants.

Chicken Wire Craft Ideas Make Your Home Trendy and Attractive

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Home Accessories Show Chicken Wire Craft Ideas at their Best

New Rustic Look for Home Décor

A lot of common things have many extra purposes; one of them is chicken wire. It is not intended just to keep our domestic animals safe from different kinds of danger but it could also complement your home with the modern and stylish look. If you decide to re-decorate your home or garden this spring and your budget is limited, chicken wire craft ideas are the perfect match for you. Chicken wire comes in huge rolls which offer a lot of opportunities and variations in a self-crafted artwork. Easy to use, it guarantees joy to everyone in the household in creating desired shapes. Some simple tools like wire cutters, scissors, and work gloves are must have for making huge garden sculptures or small chicken wire fruit baskets. At the same time, furniture details, like cabinet doors, can be covered with the chicken wire. That will give your home a new chic look. The chicken wire can be combined with a lot of different flexible materials like paper or wood. Chicken wire craft ideas will breathe new life into your home.

Chicken wire ideas
Chicken wire is not only designed to protect chickens and small animals from any type of danger, it is also used as a decoration for the home.

Big or Small Vintage House Details

Chicken wire craft ideas enable you to transform a decoration of your home into the rustic, farmhouse look. When you start working on chicken wire ideas, keep your vision in mind, no matter if you create a big sculpture or small house details. One of the most common and useful detail in every corner of the house is multifunctional chicken wire basket for flowers, fruits or many other things. The form could be different from the cylinder, lamp-shaped or rounded. You will need a smaller part of the chicken wire and a mold for shaping it. Old jar or ball could be used as a mold or you can shape it by your hands. Use protective gloves obligatory. After the finishing, hide the edges of the wire. In this way, you will prevent possible injury to your hands. 

Rooster made of wire
One of the most used decorations of chicken wire is the rustic look for a house in the country.

If you intend to renew your home in the chic style, you can try to build chandelier or a new rustic lampshade. Old antique lamp from basement or garage is waiting to be transformed with a help of chicken wire craft ideas. Remove the fabric or lining from an old lampshade and leave only a frame. Cut smaller pieces of chicken wire to work easier. Wrap pieces of wire around the frame and use the pliers for shaping and hiding the edges. The final product can be always given a little final touch, such as a small detail like a flower or glowing pearls. 

Wire decoration for lamp
With the chicken wire you can build a new screen for the rustic style lamp.

Garden is a Corresponding Field for Your Creativity

No matter is it winter or summer, a chicken wire sculpture is a garden delight. Forms could be different: from butterflies, dragonflies to blossom garden or Christmas decoration for the winter season. Sketch your sculpture on a paper, just overall body shape. Cut the shape’s from chicken wire always using protective no-cut gloves. Use a roll of silver garden wire to finish the ends and to give a nice outline for your sculpture. If your sculpture has small parts like wings first cut them then shape the body, head, and other parts. Never forget to create a connection point (little loop) on smaller parts. You will easily attach them to the other parts of the sculpture. As soon as you finish your creation, you have to find the way how to install it. You can use a long length of wire to hang the smaller sculptures. Finding the proper balance is sometimes tricky. Now, your sculpture is ready to find its place in the garden.

Fruit basket wire
You can use a small cable to hang small decorations of chicken.

New Look of Walls, Garage or Basement

Your wall is empty or you simply want to remove old posters or pictures? Considering chicken wire frame ideas you can achieve a new, refreshing and cozy look on the wall. Frames are easy to find at a flea market, garage sales or you simply check your basement or garage. Maybe you are just a step away from finding some extras there. If you want to remove old posters or canvases from the frame you’ll need to pull out the fasteners on the back using the pliers. Clean the frame from dust or old paint and roll the chicken wire on top. Cut it to a proper size then stapled it in. Of course, before you spread wire over the frame you can change a color of it and give it a vintage look. Isn’t it a perfect message board and an excellent wall arrangement? You can use wooden pinch to attach your messages and your new chicken wire memo board will get an artistic look.

Wire hearts of different sizes
Other ideas for making chicken wire frames is to give it a heart shape or some new aspect to hang on the wall.

If your garage or basement is in the mess you can exploit a plenty of chicken wire craft ideas to create frame supplies organizer. For this purpose, you can use a common, wood frame and stronger, 2-inch chicken wire with more gauges. Spring knocks on the door, and you can be more productive when your tools and supplies hang in perfect order on the framed chicken wire. Before you start to work, check your tools and necessary materials, and during the work always wear no-cut gloves. Cover your work, the chicken wire could be a little bit greasy. 

Chicken wire craft ideas give you endless possibilities to enter an upcoming season with a new, fresh look of your home. Many small details could have an artistic and useful purpose as well. Also, it will encourage your family to find their own chicken wire craft ideas join and to join you in the adventure of pleasant artwork.

Chicken Wire Dress as Garden Delight or Indoor Decoration

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Artistic and Skilful Challenge in Creating Chicken Wire Dress

Holiday Mood Gives an Extra Creative Energy

A garden decoration may be a huge fun mostly if the Halloween knocks on the door. Chicken wire dress sculptures colored with the glow in the dark spray provides a ghostly look of your yard. If you want to add more of a spooky essence to your garden, you can hang it on a tree and it will sway slightly in the breeze. Really scary! Winter season holidays guarantee a lot of joy but it is always a challenge to make some in-house decoration. Chicken wire dress will match your creativity if you decorate it and transform into a Christmas tree. It will give a new unique and elegant look of your home. On the other side, it can be used as a mannequin no matter if you need it as a handy tool for home or commercial tailoring. Professional adjustable dress forms cost a lot, and you can save money by making it from the chicken wire by yourself.

Ballet ballerina wire
The sculptures with wire of chicken more used are the dancers or the dresses of wire.

Let’s Be Skillful and Creative!

Chicken wire dress is an enchanted detail in the garden during all seasons. You can make something that will catch the eye of passers-by, and you will be proud of it for sure. Chicken wire is inexpensive material and a necessary tool that is common in every household. Use rust resistant chicken wire with 1-inch or 2-inches cells. Make sure that you have enough wire if you chose to create a Christmas tree dress with a long gown that looks like Victorian Countess evening dress. Of course, never forget to use protective gloves because the wire could be a little bit stiff and sturdy. First, you can make a mannequin using your body as a mold or shape it with your hands. Cut a piece of chicken wire and form it into a cylinder. Seam up the sides and twist the ends to secure them. At the same time, you will minimize sharp points. Now you squeeze and crush it into a body shape. Using a black and brown color spray you will give it a vintage and rusty look, and it can be a nice detail in some corner of your house. Use it to hang jewelry or some piece of the clothes.

Wire Maiden
Chicken wire is the most used material to create the wire dress.

Create the Piece with a Help of Your Body as a Mold

If you choose to make a chicken wire dress in a form of your own size you may use your body as a mold. Cut the chicken wire in the same measures as yours from the shoulders to the knees. Cover the ends of the wire with duct tape to keep it from poking and scratching yourself. Cut the hole in the middle, big enough that your head can pass easily. Wear it like a poncho and shape it over your body but not too tight so you can easily take it off without damaging the shape. In the end, hook the ends together with pliers and if you are not satisfied, you can add smaller pieces of chicken wire to reshape some parts. On this chicken wire dress, you can’t put something heavy because it will press the wire out of shape. You can combine it with chicken wire paper mache to reduce the chance to be crushed. Paper mache is not complicated technique and doesn’t need a lot of materials. Cut 2-inches strips from a newspaper, kitchen towel or a tissue paper and use them, one by one, firstly sinking them into the paste made of flour or glue and then applying them on a body shaped chicken wire armature. When you cover chicken wire armature with strips from the top to the bottom left it to dry completely.  It is a great base for attaching a long gown skirt made of chicken wire for dress formed Christmas tree. Wrap tightly chicken wire around the center of the mannequin you made earlier, leaving the wire skirt to hit the floor. Twist the ends together where both sides of wire are meeting. You can use evergreen branches or the garland to cover the skirt of Christmas chicken wire dress. Now you and your family can enjoy in hanging Christmas decorations on the unique and incredible Christmas tree.

Chicken Wire Dress
When creating the wire dress you should not place a heavy object as it would press the wire and lose shape.

Boo! Scary Ghosts Floating Around

Following the same pattern, you can create a glamorous chicken wire ghost. Body shaped chicken wire dress has a lot of possibilities that challenge your inspiration to turn your yard into a spooky and enchanted landscape. Chicken wire is a flexible material easy for shaping human-size figure and suitable to be combined with other materials. You have endless possibilities to give your sculpture extra spooky effects. Color it with a glowing in the dark spray, and they will spook your neighbors throughout the Halloween night. If you choose to attach some white clothe or dress on the ghost’s torso and to hang it on a tree to float freely, looking like an ancient ghost, you will have a bunch of ghost hunters knocking on your door. It is interesting to use tomato cages colored in black as the base of your creepy chicken wire dress figures. If you have a possibility to add some sort of light nearby, your whole garden will be hunted with ghosts. No matter if it is a holiday season or a hot summer creative period, craft work with chicken wire will gather your entire family. Your creation can last for years and serve different purposes but it will always treasure some memories about their origin and remind you of a special time spent with your family.