Chicken Wire Paper Mache Allows Endless Creativity in Creating Sculptures

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Adults and Kids Prefer Chicken Wire Paper Mache for Yard Decorations

Creating Sculptures out of the Household Items


Chicken wire is a standard household item that serves many purposes. From poultry netting to chicken wire craft ideas for decoration, it is one of the favored materials. Adults and kids use chicken wire with a lot of fun, and chicken wire paper mache is a great and compatible combination. Every sculpture needs a solid armature whether it is a Christmas ball or a human-like figure. With its high elasticity, chicken wire is an excellent choice to build a lasting and inexpensive armature. Almost anything is possible to make out of the chicken wire paper mache. The armature may serve as a support system or a framework for the sculptures of different sizes. Plan your design in advance to be sure you had enough of the quality material and tools. Besides the elasticity, steadiness is the next important feature of the chicken wire. Lighter gauges and smaller mesh sizes are equally sturdy as the bigger ones. Of course, lighter gauge 19 and 1-inch mesh are more convenient for creating smaller pieces. The tools you will need to carry out your project are also standard in almost every household. Pliers, wire cutters or tin snips must be accompanied by a pair of gloves. Cut ends may be sharp and they can do some harm if your hands are not protected. You will work a bit slower but protection comes first.

Chicken wire installed in backyard
Chicken wire is a good choice because it has elasticity and its stability is good.

Building and Armature and Paper Mache Strips


Creating an armature for the chicken wire paper mache sculpture is a challenge, and you should choose the right method before you start. If you are attracted to some large piece of the chicken wire, forget it, and cut it into the smaller rectangular pieces. They are much easier to operate and you can join them according to your idea in an easy and simple way. Use the pliers to bend the ends of one piece around the edges of another until all pieces have been connected. Peace by peace, you will shape the sculpture, and the seams remain fast. Remember to narrow edges at the end but do not do this unless you are sure the shape has been finished. The armature and the paper mache strips are all you need to start creating the desired shape. Recommended width of the paper mache strips is 2 inches. Most common materials are newspapers, kitchen towels or a tissue paper since they all have an adequate length. Prefabricated non-toxic plaster cloth strips are available and they dry quickly, within minutes. There are two ways of mixing the paste for the chicken wire paper mache sculpture. One is old-fashioned and another is modern. The first one includes flour-based paste that is especially suitable for children while the modern one is a glue-based. The consistency of the flour-based paste is that of the pancake dough.

Chicken wire installed in a chicken coop
To create an armor for the paper mache sculpture the pliers should be used.

Stages of Creating Chicken Wire Paper Mache Sculpture


It is utmost important to use one paper mache strip at the time. They are sticky and they can decompose fast. After you have put one strip into a paste, remove the superfluous paste with the free hand and apply the first layer on the armature. We recommend you to fold the paper mache ends into the mesh for more stability. Follow the direction from the top to the bottom, and place the strips across one another. After the chicken wire armature has been covered, you might still feel chicken wire texture. If you want the smoother appearance of the chicken wire paper mache sculpture, you can apply the second layer or as many layers as you want. You can replace flour-based paste with the mixture of the non-toxic glue and water but at no circumstances use wallpaper paste. It is toxic. Prefabricated plaster strips are being used with warm water before the application to the armature. After the basic shape of the sculpture has been made, it is time to access the next stage. The sculpture should be completely dried before the painting or sealing. Any type of the paint is acceptable but the tempera or the water-based acrylics are most commonly used for the final decoration. After the coloration, you can varnish the sculpture. The glaze adds to a shiny look and protects color in the longer period of time.

 Chicken wire placed in a field
It is recommended that you do not use wallpaper paste to make the mixture.


Combination of Materials Suitable for the Outdoor Placement


Working with chicken wire and paper mache is interesting, challenging, and affordable. You should provide quality chicken wire in the quantity that suits the intended design, and the rest you probably have in your household. This outstanding combination of materials provokes inspiration to create the largest variety of objects, from animals to human-like figures and geometrical shapes. They may differ in size, shape, and style on the scale from modern installations to the traditional and historical imitations. Since the paper mache accepts color well, bright, attractive combinations are close at your hand. Most chicken wire paper mache sculptures are intended to be placed outdoor. Choose an appropriate size and thickness of the chicken wire. If the sculpture is going to be exposed to heavy weather, it is supposed to be sturdy at all times. It is important to create a solid basic shape that can easily be transformed into a desired one. No sharp points or unattached pieces are allowed. Mind that you can use a cardboard to support elongated shapes, such as legs or arms. The construction will be more stable. If you have overlooked some detail, you can correct it as long as you have not started with paper mache layers. Pulp made out of the boiled pieces of paper can affect the texture of the chicken wire paper mache object, and it is very convenient to experiment with.

 Chicken wire placed on an iron grate
You must be careful not to leave loose parts or sharp points for safety.

Incredible Benefits of Chicken Tractor

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Chicken Tractor – A Best Friend for Your Garden!

People who love gardening and are also equally fond of raising chickens, have a conflicting thought when it comes to thinking about introducing chickens into their backyard. While on the one hand chickens are helpful, as they poop, peck, and nourish the garden soil, the flip side of having them roam about free, is that they are quite capable of creating havoc for your plants. A viable solution to this conflict of yours is to opt for a chicken tractor!

Chicken Tractor
Chicken tractor easy to transport providing protection to the chicken coop.

A chicken-tractor is another variant of bird netting or poultry netting with the difference that it comes with wheels. This mobile coop comes with skids and a couple of other accessories which makes it easier to move the cart around. A chicken-tractor isn’t built with floors. So it has the advantage of providing the chickens with free access to fresh ground while being moved around.

Chicken-tractors come in various shapes and sizes.  So, irrespective of the number of these feathered friends that you may have, you will always manage to find a chicken-tractor in the market that fits your requirement.

Benefits of Chicken Tractor

While there are certainly various benefits of having a chicken-tractor, but you can have your stationary coops and they still are great chicken houses. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of having a chicken tractor.

  • You have the advantage of keeping the coop in a smaller area.
  • A chicken-tractor has all the other features of an ordinary coop such as nesting boxes, perches and the like.
  • Another biggest advantage of having a chicken-tractor is that it can help to fertilize your yard. Since the chicken tractor does not have a floor, you can move it around in your yard to fertilize different patches.
  • When you move the chicken-tractor around, it provides your chickens with access to insects and fresh grass.
  • When you move your chicken-tractor to a fresh patch, the grass underneath the coop gets time to re-grow and recover. So there won’t be any bare patches that you would be left with.
  • To avoid having bare patches, all you need to do is to move your chicken-tractor every two to three days.
  • Your chickens can also have the luxury of catching the sunlight while being safe inside the enclosure.
  • It also allows the hens to build their own nest from the materials in the ground. However, it is still best to have the nesting box inside the chicken-tractor.
  • You won’t have to constantly change their bedding, as you can simply move your chicken tractor to a new patch of grass.
  • You can also turn your chicken tractors to stationary coops quite easily by just not moving them around anymore.

    Cluck House
    Cluck house and the chicken coops Taj Mahal an improved version of the chicken tractors.

Some of the popular chicken-tractors include the Cluck House and the Taj Mahal coops. Since these coops are pre-fitted with wheels, you can easily wheel the coops around in your yard. There are multiple benefits of having a chicken tractor. You get to enjoy the benefits of what your chickens contribute to the environment. Also, your chickens get access to a variety of insects and worms and fresh grass to indulge in.

Wonders of Chicken Poop

Chicken tractor with wheels
The chicken poop can be used as a compost in the garden.

Chicken poop can indeed work wonders for your garden! Since chicken poop is quite high in nitrogen, it helps your garden to thrive well. But since you can’t have them let loose in your garden, it is best if they do their business on the soil from within the chicken-tractor. As you move or re-position the chicken-tractor, you can scoop the manure from that area and add it to your compost. One of the biggest investments that you can think of making in terms of your garden is to have nutrient rich healthy soil. So to have a nutrient rich soil, all you need to do is to have is a chicken-tractor and some chickens to do their business every day.

It’s Important to Move Your Chicken Tractor All Over Your Yard

One of the flip sides of having a chicken tractor is that it can create bare patches over your yard, if you are not careful. You may soon have a garden with crop circle like clearings. You can easily prevent his by just ensuring that you regularly move your chicken-tractor around in your yard. If you do not do this, your chicken tractor will eventually sink into the ground and your chickens will them strip the grass of all the nutrients. This will make the earth in your yard bland and desolate. There is no need to worry though! If you have a good chicken tractor and you move it regularly, you won’t encounter such issues. By following this very simple tip, you can see your backyard garden in great shape with happy chickens.

Say Goodbye to the Menace Caused by Insect Pests

Chicken tractor with chickens
The chicken tractor must be moved regularly to avoid the accumulation of insects.

Various insects such as grasshoppers, fleas, ants, roaches, and ticks can actually be quite a nuisance not only for your home, but also for your garden. But if you move around your chicken-tractor regularly, all these nasty bugs will soon be a thing of the past! Chickens as you know, love devouring these bugs. They are an important source of protein and they also provide a tasty treat to your chickens along with their regular feed, grass, and water.

By having a chicken-tractor, you will have the power to harness the benefits of chicken poop and also convert your garden into a lavish and lush green paradise that would be a treat to your eyes! Also, it is reasonable enough an investment not to burn a hole in your pocket! So what are you waiting for?

Chicken-Wire and Its Usage

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Tips to Increase the Effectiveness of Chicken Wire

Origin of the Chicken Wire.

chicken with poultry net
The chicken wire provide a good place for that you can care to your chikens.

Chicken Wire is used to fence poultry livestock, commonly used in chicken coops and bird cages. This honeycomb mesh will keep your chickens flying out and deters flying predators like hawks. First created by Charles Barnard, an ironmonger, in 1844, its design was based on the cloth weaving machines. But if you are thinking about the security of your chicken, then you need to think twice before using it. The thinness and the zinc content of the galvanized wire may not protect your chickens. Other predators like raccoons, foxes or bears could slip inside as the wires are not sturdy enough to keep them out. Chicken wire was used traditionally to protect chickens. Over the years, many people have realized its benefits of extending its use to other activities. This galvanized wire can hold up to many elements. However, it is relatively cheap and rusts quickly. Hence for it to be most effective, it should run at least 1.2 mm gauge. You can increase the gauge as per your requirements like the kind of poultry you have.

Wide Range of Uses

This tool is more than used to build safe enclosures for chicken. It can turn out to be a whole lot more beneficial. It could act as a ‘Protection Covering’ to save your tender plants from hailstorms and frost. Just drape the cloth with the wire and the frame would be perfect to use in your garden. Secondly, it could serve as a ‘Pest Control’ tool that can keep small animals like bunnies, squirrels, and rats. All you have to do is sink the wire two inches underground to save it from being dug out. Thirdly, we all have eggs, fruits and small vegetables displayed in the baskets. You can make your basket more attractive by wrapping it with chicken wire, for aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it can also be shaped into shade along with a bulb and you are done with a vintage effect. From show pieces to stucco exteriors, it can be used in home interiors to have that mesmerizing effect.

Who Could Use this Tool?

hens in chicken house
You should consider several aspects when installing the chiken wires.

People in the field of Agriculture and Engineering make the most use of this kind of wire because of the economic, practical and safety value it gives. It can also be used by poultry owners or in the gardens as fencing.

How to Have the Maximum Use?

If you have decided that you have to use the chicken fence to protect your poultry, then there are some things in mind which you need to be kept while installing it.

  1. Planning – This is the first step of any activity and goes a long way in attaining your goals. Planning should never be underestimated. Before laying the way for the wire to be dug down, spend your time in planning where and how the fence needs to be laid. The type of animal to be protected like a rabbit should have a taller fence. Use the flexibility of this type of fence to your advantage.
  2. Use additional techniques – As stated earlier, this tool may not be robust enough to protect your poultry. One can make use of an electric fence to effectively ward off predators or combine with a barbed wire laid off on the exterior of the fence but not too much near the interior of the fence. After all, you do not want to harm your own chickens but the voracious predatory eying for the prey. You might also take help from your natural surroundings to make your wire sturdier like the bark of the trees could be used while laying the fence as it acts as an excellent barrier to withstand the attacks by the predators.
  3. Fencing to be laid effectively – This is where the diggers and the nibblers try and get inside your garden. Make sure that the fence run high and deep into the ground. The fence should be at least 6 to 8 inches deep to prevent diggers like rabbits to slip inside/outside your garden. So the wires and the stakes should be plunged deep into the ground.

Wire Mesh

black hens in chicken house in garden with poultry net
The wire mesh is a resistant and very durable option as least expensive as the chicken wire.

As compared to chicken wires, they offer more strength and durability because they are not easy to break in. It comes in different varieties and widely used in agricultural, industrial, infrastructure, horticultural and transportation sectors because it is least expensive and serves as an effective tool in any application. When installed in home premises, they are intended to serve for security purposes. This criss-cross mesh is used in day to day activities in the kitchen, window screens, and fences in the garden, wastebaskets. Decorative meshes are also available in case the interiors have to be made visually attractive.

Pigeon Control

They will often be attracted to human surroundings because of the comfort and availability of food and water. However, pigeon control becomes a big task. Thankfully we have various tools to protect our valuables from these birds. You only need to look at the size of the bird and the size of the hole in the mesh and choose one that would keep the birds from flying in. Chicken wires probably may not be the best option to keep the birds under control because of its sturdiness. Mesh can act as a good tool against birds’ exclusion. It is relatively straightforward to install. The gauges could run from 19 to 10. The best gauge to keep the birds off would be 10 – 12 gauges which are a heavy mesh or 50mm x 50 mm.

bird net installed on greenhouse
Using a bird barrier you can provide protection to: cropfield, garden, house against the birds attack.

It All Depends on How You Use It

Depending on your need, one can choose the usage. A chicken wire does more than keeping your chickens flying out. Running across from industries to homes, it finds its place everywhere because of the flexibility and the price. If you are an ardent fan of this tool, then combining it with techniques as penned down earlier, will increase its effectiveness.

Chicken Wire Christmas Tree

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Chicken Wire Christmas Tree; Express Your own Creativity  

Unique Solution Instead of the Traditional Christmas Tree

chickens in protected by chicken wire
The chicken wire net is a resistant net for provide protection to your chickens.

Let us be ready for the holiday season upon us, and think on time what could we do to avoid all the hectic. Christmas tree is a symbol of the holiday but if you are about to have enough of watering, cleaning, and let alone searching through the market for the right shape and size, you might need some unique solution. Chicken-wire Christmas tree is an idea that will spare you time, money, and effort. In only a few hours, you can have what you were looking for, and what is also important, you will enjoy making something without a complicated instruction. As it is multifunctional, you can store it and only change a decoration for some other upcoming holiday. This simple concept offers a variety of ideas, and all you need to start is a top quality chicken wire. It guarantees a solid construction that will obtain its final appearance after having been enriched with lights and backgrounds.

Size Depends on Place, Stability on Edges

chicken wire net installed for protect chickens
The chicken wire has a great elasticity and very resistant, being a great option for protection of the trees.

Before you start working on your new and unique Christmas tree, you should think of two important things – size and place. Chicken-wire Christmas tree can be placed in the corner or in the middle of the living room or it can occupy the table as a central decoration. For the trees of any size, you just need to adjust the measurements. The best is if you shape a cone from the bent square of chicken wire. The original edge of the chicken wire will be straight but the other you will have to cut. This edge you should treat after cutting with some fine wire. Pay your attention to bottom edges. They have to be flat enough to enable your tree to stand firmly on any surface. Even if your intention is to place chicken-wire Christmas tree outside in the courtyard. Chicken wire has a great elasticity and it bends easily. You can fold bottom edges all way around towards the inside without effort. What about a few wires on the top? You can cut them off, curve or you can twist them and use as a support for a tree topper. Handle the edges and remaining wires with care, and you can preserve and store your unique metal Christmas tree for the years to come and many other holidays.

Christmas Décor with Personal Touch

chicken net used for taking care hens
You can combinated the chiken wire net and the christmas trees for get a beautiful tree.

After the tree has been shaped, it is up to you how you will use it. Many chicken wire craft ideas can be combined with the chicken-wire Christmas tree. You can leave it plain, paint it or light it up. Holiday card display of the chicken wire is an excellent idea for the exhibition of cards and photos if you don’t want to put them on the tree. Chicken wire may be beautifully included in Christmas décor that meets your personal style. Not less important, it is simple to make. Jar lids framed with chicken wire are the basic Christmas ornaments you can decorate according to your wishes. Use acorns, pinecones or bells to create real winter atmosphere on your tree. The possibilities are endless. If you have left a few wires on the top, use them as a support for hand-made treetop star. The whole decoration of chicken-wire Christmas tree can be made in short time with simple tools. Only the good will and your personal creativity are a must. Don’t forget Christmas wreaths of chicken wire. You can put them at the entrance of your home or somewhere inside. Whatever place you chose, they will simply add to the holiday atmosphere.

Winter Identity of Your Courtyard

chicken plastic net protecting hens
The chiken wire net can helps to decorate your garden and house for a get a beautiful christmas party.

Chicken-wire Christmas tree can be placed outside your home too. If you enjoyed summer grill with your friends or the members of your family in the courtyard, you should think to build your courtyard winter identity too. There is no better opportunity to have fun and enjoy the holiday than Christmas time. One thing you must not forget! Pin the tree to the ground. Don’t let heavy winter wind destroy your effort. The enlightened Christmas tree will look great with the dark night in the background, and if you spill lighted chicken-wire Christmas balls all around the courtyard, you will achieve to have the perfect scenery for the themed Christmas party. Here we are not even close to exhausting the mine of ideas for Christmas decoration. Do you also feel like something was missing? Of course, Santa Claus! The quality chicken wire is the best material for sculpting a wide range of shapes. Try to make chicken wire paper mache sculpture of Santa Claus since nothing will bring more joy to children and adult children than him. Chicken wire is easy to work with, and it won’t be a problem to form the body in natural size. Then put mache paper over chicken wire to achieve the volume. Little paint on the face won’t be bad at all.

Chicken-wire Christmas tree is a unique solution for many reasons. You don’t have to clean anything and you can store it for some other holiday like Valentine’s Day or the future Christmases. You don’t have to think in advance where to plant the tree after the holiday has passed and make worries if it will continue to grow. You just have to make some space in the basement or the garage. The best is that you can use this opportunity to express your personal affection and creativity. Industrial Christmas decoration is wonderful but maybe it is a bit out of fashion. It is a high time to try something new and different for the joy and pleasure of your family and friends. Actually, everyone can contribute and make something of chicken wire for the favored holiday, and what accords with Christmas better than togetherness and love.